What is the tire expiration date? Check the label, it is important

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All car tires have a sticker that provides all the information about them. Some important standards are mentioned there under the European labels. over here How to understand it better In order to make the right decision, according to your expectations.

car tire sticker

Car tire sticker – Source: spm

You will find everything you need to know on your next tire sticker

The sticker on the tires will help you make the right decision and finally confirm the purchase. Here all the information is there. And how to decode it:

Rolling resistance and fuel consumption

This criterion is especially interesting when you want to save fuel. And therefore , If your tire has low rolling resistance, you will save energy. In other words, the higher this resistance, the higher the fuel consumption of the tire. To determine your location, the rolling resistance is indicated by letters and colors. For information, the resistance “A” is the lowest and “E” is the highest.

rolling car

Rolling car – Source: spm

It is also important to note that Energy consumption differs significantly between ‘A’ and ‘E’ tires. Thus, it is estimated that the tires are rated to me It saves up to 80 liters of fuel after 15,000 kilometers, which corresponds to a saving of approximately 185 euros.

Obviously, these values ​​vary according to the type of driving, the climate and the type of vehicle.

wet braking performance

Here again, this security standard is represented by a rating system ranging from to me to me e“. So keep that in mind An “E” rating provides the poorest performance. Also, the difference between the best and the bad is huge. In fact, if you take a first-class frame to me » And when you are driving at 80 km/h, the stopping distance on the wet road will be 18 meters shorter compared to a class tyre e.

External Rotation Noise Standard

External turning noises have nothing to do with what you hear inside the car. It refers to the person who is seen by passersby. this is So the label evaluates the noise from the tires Estimated its sound in decibels.

Classification is done according to three levels: “A”, “B” and “C”. Tires with the lowest noise are rated “A”. Moreover, if the three tires of different classes are traveling at the same speed, a tire rated “C” will be 4 times noisier than a tire rated “A”. As a result, a “B” rated frame will be twice as noisy as an “A” rated frame and two times less than a “C” rated frame.

Why is there a difference in rating between summer tires and winter tires?

If you are wondering why summer tires have a higher rating than winter tires, This is because they think To adapt to different conditions. Moreover, summer tires must have more significant performance characteristics in order to adapt to the road.

And for good reason, winter tires Designed to ensure optimal driver safety even during extreme cold periods and low temperatures at 7°C, on slippery or cold surfaces through which the road may be covered with ice or snow. It should also be noted that these tires remain noisier than summer tires because their tread depth allows for better grip and rotation on snow or ice.

How do you find the expiration date of a frame?

Tire production date

Tire production date – Source: spm

Before you can determine the expiration date of tires, you must first know that they have Estimated age ranges from 6 to 10 years. With this information in mind, look at the side part of your car tire and you will find a series of markings and numbers there. The group that should catch your eye is the last group which consists of a sequence of 4 numbers inside an oval frame.

For example, if the four digits are “4022”, then the first two digits indicate the week of the year of manufacture of the tire. The last two digits indicate the year of manufacture. We will then know that the tire has been made During the fortieth week of 2022. From there you can select or estimate the expiration date of your tire.

This information will allow you to easily decipher the characteristics of the tire before buying. This way, you can choose the tire that best suits your driving habits and the climate of the area in which you are driving.

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