This is the purpose of the tab on the cap of the oil bottle. It’s very useful

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It’s the latest trend on social networks, as soon as the hoax was first revealed on Twitter, it went viral! And soon you’ll understand why.

Why should you not throw away the plastic tab under the caps of oil bottles?

To be able to use the oil, it is not enough to open the bottle, but you also need to puncture the capsule inside or remove it completely. But, did you know that it has a very specific function that we weren’t aware of all this time? Today we will reveal to you the benefits of this element.

By reading this article, you will think twice before throwing that tab under the caps of oil bottles in the trash.

Pour oil into a frying pan

Pour the oil into a frying pan. Source: spm

Check how much oil to use

When you want to make a recipe that only requires an oil mist, it can sometimes be difficult to control the amount that flows out of the bottle. As a result, we always end up with more than enough. But thanks to the plastic tab inside the bottle, under the cork, this problem will be solved very quickly.

In fact, the small ring makes it possible to partially block the nozzle of the bottle and, accordingly, to easily control the amount of oil to be poured. Thus, we can pour this liquid without losing a single drop. Very useful, isn’t it?

However, be careful not to press too hard on the tongue so as not to push it into the bottle. To do this, just tap lightly and lightly.

Check the amount of oil used

Check the amount of oil used. Source: spm

Avoid splashing oil and waste

Surely you’ve already poured oil into a frying pan or onto the food to be cooked, when you suddenly, by mistake, pressed too hard on the bottle, spilling a lot of oil in the process. consequences ? You end up with spray everywhere, on your clothes and on the stove in particular.

It is enough in this case, simply remove the ring and put it back upside down, to prevent any risk of wastage or splashes. This way, you will save money and avoid this kind of accident.

Open a bottle of oil

Open a bottle of oil. Source: spm

How do you clean oil stains on a gas stove?

Here’s a little trick that effectively removes the toughest cooking grease stains:

  • Put two or three drops of mineral oil on a household paper towel.
  • Rub the paper towel generously on the surface in question, and you will find that the stains will gradually disappear.
  • When finished, wipe the surface with a clean paper towel.

Who would have thought that this little tab could be used for this kind of thing? This simple and effective trick will allow you to calibrate your cooking oil use in a more reasonable way.

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