Pour dishwashing liquid down the toilet: something extraordinary happens that you will not be able to do without

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In order for your toilet to always function properly, it is essential to maintain it properly. To do this, there are simple and natural ways that allow you to always keep your toilet clean. Find out what happens when you pour dish soap down the toilet.

What happens when you pour dishwashing liquid down the toilet?

Dishwashing liquid in the toilet

Dishwashing liquid in the toilet. Source: spm

To clean your toilet, you are probably in the habit of using detergent products to remove all dirt and scale from the toilet. You may also use natural products that are very effective against dirt and bacteria in your toilet. in With dishwashing liquid, you will be able to solve a problem Which can sometimes cause inconvenience. To avoid calling a plumber, follow this simple but effective tip.

  • Use dish soap to unclog the toilet


toilets. Source: spm

Dishwashing liquid can also help you clean some surfaces in the house and also unclog pipes. This simple trick will only take a few minutes and clear a clogged toilet. To do this, mix very hot, non-boiling water with a cup filled with cleaning fluid in a sink, saucepan, or bucket. next one, Pour the mixture into the toilet drain. Let it run for at least 15 minutes until the toilet level goes down. This means that the blockage is dissolved and the solution is working effectively. Repeat as many times as needed to completely clear the toilet blockage.

How do you clean your toilet with dishwashing liquid?

toilet cleaning

Toilet cleaning. Source: spm

Toilet cleaning can be a chore for many people. To make your work easier and to clean the toilets, you can use dishwashing liquid that will allow you to clean them and eliminate all bacteria. But even if this solution is simple and effective, it is necessary to carry out regular cleaning of your toilets.

To use dishwashing liquid in your toilet, heat the water without boiling it and empty a large amount of dishwashing liquid into the toilet. Then add hot water to the toilet and let it run for at least an hour. Scrub it with a toilet brush and use a rinse.

How do you clean your toilet with white vinegar?

To clean your toilet, you can also use white vinegar. this is the solution Simple, fast and effective. It will allow you to have toilets without scale or limestone. First, flush the toilet and put paper on its walls. Pour over white vinegar, and leave to set for a few hours or overnight if you can. Remove the paper and Scrub with a toilet brush. Finally, flush the toilet again.

You now know how to properly clean and de-clog your toilet with a simple, effective, and inexpensive solution.

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