Only geniuses can find the error hiding in the picture in 5 seconds

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This complex and deceptive puzzle, quickly spread on the Internet. But hundreds of netizens gave their tongues to the cat. Can you complete the challenge and find the hidden bug in less than 5 seconds? It’s up to you: focus as much as possible, open your eyes wide and try your luck!

visual challenge photo

a challenge

Visual Challenge Image – Source: spm

In this illustration, you see a large blue bus with a driver. A woman holding an umbrella intending to climb. If you have extraordinary visual acuity and nothing escapes your brain’s agility, you’ll likely be able to spot what’s wrong with the image. But be careful, you won’t have more than 5 seconds to get there!

Watch the image carefully to try to spot the error. Pay close attention to details and amaze us as you show off your cognitive skills in this visual puzzle.

Visual challenge solving

So what is your verdict? We give you that it is not easy at all to solve this puzzle in just 5 seconds. Very few internet users were able to locate the error. Especially since there are a lot of elements in the picture and most people have focused on some unimportant detail. Congratulations if you focused on the front of the bus and found the error in record time. If this visual challenge drove you crazy, like so many others before you, don’t worry, the solution is below!

solution challenge

Visual Challenge Solution – Source: spm

While you’re at it, don’t give up on the pressure and train with this new challenge that will take your breath away!

Changing the Universe: Do you like numbers? You will be served! If you think you have the necessary skills, your challenge now is to discover the number 9 hiding in a sea of ​​6 and 8 seconds.

Here is the visual challenge picture

Visual Challenge Picture 1

Visual Challenge Image – Source: spm

Since there are many numbers in this illustration, the number 9 is not visible to the naked eye. Fortunately, you have a huge advantage: there is no time limit in this challenge. So you can relax there. There is no need to rush, so focus and use all your cognitive abilities to try to shine and outdo yourself. Know that despite their best efforts, not many of them found the odd person in the photo. Who knows, with a little luck, the number 9 might miraculously appear to you after a few seconds!

Visual puzzle answer

Is this the case? Did you find it at first sight or are you still looking for it? Rest assured, if this challenge makes you dizzy, even to the point of doubting that the number 9 is actually in the picture, we will limit your torture. Check the answer in the image below:

Visual Challenge 1

Visual Challenge Answer – Source: spm

What is a visual puzzle?

Visual puzzles are more popular than ever on social networks with the aim of entertaining people in their spare time. But not only. Beyond the fun and interesting aspect, there is a real interest in these visual challenges: they stimulate our minds and greatly develop our cognitive abilities.

Are these viral online riddles the same? Fortunately no, that would be boring. The advantage precisely is that it is available in a thousand ways. But it is, for the most part, an image in which an error, a word, a character, an object or a character that is found is hidden. Sometimes you are asked to discover the differences between two illustrations or solve a puzzle hidden in an optical illusion. In general, the time given is too short which makes things worse. But it is not systematic, and there is not always an imposed deadline. In general, visual tests are quite different with varying levels of difficulty as well.

Also, logical puzzles can stand out from others. It is resolved by intuition and inference, and therefore is not based on any prior knowledge, but rather on mental exercise.

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