How to revive the colors of clothes to look like new? It is enough to use this ingredient in the kitchen

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Salt has a special place in the kitchen. Our dishes will be very tasty without a pinch of salt, which enhances the taste and flavor of the food. It is clear that much is needed. Because if the seasons of our recipes are delicious, they can quickly become dangerous to the body if not abused. On the other hand, its remarkable properties make it very versatile: apart from cooking, you can use it without moderation for various household tasks at home. Even in your washing machine!

Would you be surprised to use salt to take care of your laundry? Yes, it is really amazing. But our grandmothers used it regularly for its amazing stain removal efficacy. Find out quickly how it can preserve your clothes, but also a whole host of unknown uses for this powerful ingredient.

Put colored clothes in the washing machine

Putting colored clothes in the washing machine – Source: spm

What is the use of salt for washing?

Gray curtains, stubborn sweat stains, lackluster clothes… We all regularly experience this kind of inconvenience. Efforts are multiplied to try to solve the problem. And you think you have the “Miracle Solution” at your fingertips! An unparalleled stain remover and color stabilizer, salt has many properties to effectively care for your laundry. Have your favorite clothes lost their original intense color? You can then rely on the salt to revive its pigment and restore its lost luster.

Can’t stand to see your curtains darken over time? This sloppy and outdated look spoils your interior décor. Rest assured, to restore the whiteness of these faded fabrics, simply soak them for a few hours in salt water. You can also wash it in the washing machine: just pour 2 tablespoons of salt into the drum of the machine. It will effectively restore the whiteness of light fabrics. It will feel like new! Also take the opportunity to make a machine with your colored clothes: the salt will keep its intense color and delay the discoloration process.

As a bonus, salt is a natural stain removal option. It is very popular for removing tough stains, sweat rings and yellow marks on linen. It will not only absorb grease, but also remove unpleasant odors. How to proceed? Just spray it directly on the stain and let it act for a few hours before starting your regular wash cycle. You can also soak soiled clothes in a salt water solution. It’s even better for very old and hard-to-remove stains.

NB : Salt helps to quickly get rid of the smell of damp or cold tobacco.

Bad smell in shoes

Bad smell in shoes – Source: spm

5 Other Unusual Uses of Salt

In addition to cleaning and perfecting your laundry, salt has many other surprises in store for you…

  • No More Oil Slicks: One of the reasons people stop spending more time behind the stove is the notorious inconvenience of oil mist that can burn us at any time. No more worries! We have the perfect solution: When the oil is too hot, simply sprinkle a little salt on the pan before putting your food in it. You’ll quickly find that it retains grease and prevents oil from splashing.
  • No More Dripping Candles: Nothing is more annoying than candle wax dripping everywhere! Not only does this quickly discolor your beautiful tablecloth or glass table, but you also have trouble handling the candle with the risk of burning yourself. So try this cool trick: Soak candles in a well-concentrated solution of salt water for a few hours. Let them dry quietly before turning them on. There you go, voila, there will be no more leaks!
  • Stop the bad smell: If your shoes smell bad and there’s no talcum powder to get rid of the smell, don’t worry, salt will come to your rescue. Simply sprinkle a tablespoon of coarse salt into your shoes. Leave it for a few hours (preferably overnight) so that the salt can effectively absorb the bad smell. Finally, shake the shoe to remove the salt residue and wipe it dry. Here the unpleasant odors are completely removed from them!
  • Ants will no longer be relevant: Were you the victim of an ant infestation in the home? Don’t panic, there is a drastic way to make it go away. To do this, sprinkle a little coarse salt in high traffic areas or on the side of an anthill. You can also prepare a solution of water mixed with a quarter of salt: sprinkle this liquid on the places where ants usually appear.
  • Cleaning the iron: Is the iron full of lint from clothes? You can easily remove them and clean them with coarse salt. All you have to do is spread it out on some newspaper, run the iron on maximum heat and run it over it until all the fluff and other dirt remains are completely gone. Not to mention that the salt works to remove grease and anti-tartar. Finally, all you have to do is clean the iron with a wet towel.

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