What to insulate at home in winter: This is where the cold comes in

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So, are you ready to take on the cold at home? Discover our tips for keeping your home warm in winter without increasing your energy bill!

Our tips for properly heating your home

heating your home

Heating your home. Source: spm

There are many ways to heat your home. What are the most effective, most expensive and least expensive? Aside from electric heating, should you invest in certain products? Read on to find out more!

Use thicker curtains: Insulation experts can confirm this: because your windows are not covered, heat is seeping out of your house! In cold weather, the largest air leaks usually occur around windows. By investing in thicker blinds, you can ensure that your windows are well insulated and that the heat Don’t run away from your home.

Be sure to seal the cracks: Unclosed cracks can contribute to heat loss in your home during the winter months. You will conclude: Unwanted cold air penetrates through these cracks. Before the cold days come, remember to seal the gaps in the windows and door frames. And therefore , Banish unwanted drafts And keep the heat in your home!

Choose insulating products: Did you know that a well-insulated home can use less heating and air conditioning? If you have raised laminate floors, install suitable, high-quality insulation to reduce heat loss and current and cold drafts entering through the floor. Besides, these products also keep your home cool during the summer months!

Dressing your walls: Obviously, your walls can cause you to lose heat in the winter. Here’s a simple trick to put some back together: Put picture frames, a mirror, or even a tall bookshelf on your walls. This adds an additional layer of thermal mass, which allows you to increase the temperature of the internal surfaces by about 1 ° C. Not bad at all!

Reposition your furniture: In the winter, you will feel warm if you sit on your sofas near warm areas of the house, away from the cold outer walls. So consider placing your furniture near an interior wall or room that receives plenty of natural light and heat from the sun.

Reposition the sofa

Reposition the sofa. Source: spm

Open your windows on sunny winter days: V.You should allow sunlight to enter your home. When this UV ray passes through your windows, it turns into heat. To take advantage of this free energy, open the blackout curtains during the day. Feel free to close your winter curtains at sunset!

These tips can save you money on your energy bills and staying warm in winter. Also make small investments like buying warm socks and quilts!

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