What is the best day to buy the cheapest airline tickets? You will save money

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Find out all the tricks to get the cheapest plane ticket. Here’s everything you need to know.

Looking for a plane ticket

Searching for a plane ticket – Source: spm

Which day of the week is the most profitable to buy your plane tickets?

With the increase in fuel prices and the previous health situation, air transportation prices have risen sharply. To avoid going over your initial budget during your next stay, here’s a tip to pay for your plane ticket as cheaply as possible.

The best day of the week to find cheap flights is Tuesday at 3:00 pm, although there are very exciting deals on Wednesdays outside of the summer season. On the contrary, the most expensive days are Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

“Many promotions, usually 15% to 25% off at certain places, are launched on Monday evening. Competitors often offer the lowest prices on Tuesday morning. In this case, on Thursday or Friday, you will find that many of the discounts It has already expired,” notes an article in the Wall Street Journal.

In terms of flight schedules, flights departing after 6:00 pm are usually the cheapest. You can also find very good prices for early morning flights.

Another trick is to find the cheapest ticket, but in this case you should have flexible travel dates, if you don’t have a specific start or end date for your trip, you can apply more flexibility when searching for flights. Some comparisons allow you to indicate “cheapest month or cheapest flight” in the return field. This way you can see the complete calendar of all the months at the price of each day.

In general, the cheapest months to travel are January (after Christmas), February and November.

Passports with airline tickets

Passports with airline tickets – Source: spm

Here are more tips to find cheap flights

Airlines will use cookies from users who perform fake searches to check flight fares. Then they change prices up when they look the same way again. For this reason, it is recommended to perform the search in incognito mode in private browsing.

It is also worth checking out the nearest airports. For example, if you want to fly to Paris for Christmas, surely the first thing that comes to mind is to book a direct flight to Paris and the airports there. But why not book a plane ticket to a closer city? Fares are much cheaper in November and December than in other cities, and you often get to your destination in a one-hour flight.

In addition, it is advisable to book plane tickets in advance. But it largely depends on the time of year: winter (60 days), spring (90 days), summer (50 days) and autumn (70 days).

Tricks to get the cheapest plane ticket are no longer unknown to you. Have a good trip!

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