This is the worst place to keep bread: you’re wrong to put it here!

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The golden rule: in order for your bread to remain soft and fresh for a long time, you must first of all learn how to store it correctly. Unfortunately, it is one of the most wasted foods in our homes. And for good reason, we all make almost the same mistake. Find out why you shouldn’t store it there!

How to store bread correctly so that it does not harden too quickly?

bread in a basket

Bread in a basket – Source: spm

Now let’s see what is this famous mistake that many people make when storing bread at home.

We were often advised to store bread in a special basket, either made of bamboo or plastic. Well, this is not the most appropriate preservation to protect your baguette or country bread. When stored in this way, bread is highly exposed to air and tends to dry out more quickly. Even a tin or metal can, which is very popular in many homes, is not the best way to preserve freshness.

So what is the most appropriate solution? Ideally, it would be best to buy a cloth bag (or make your own) that will help you better store the rest of the bread you want to consume later. This way, it will be protected from the surrounding air and will stay soft longer. There is also a set of bags for baking. As a bonus, they are tough, resistant, recyclable and last several years!

little trick : Inside the bag, you can add a stalk of celery to keep the bread softer and softer, as if it just came out of the bakery. In fact, celery (or even other vegetables like carrots) release a little of the moisture into the bag, which the bread will then absorb. So you can keep it for a whole week after purchase.

NB : Always make sure to keep your bread out of sunlight, in a dry place at room temperature.

How to restore freshness to already dry bread?

slices of bread

Sliced ​​bread – Source: spm

Do you want to taste sliced ​​bread that is crunchy on the outside, tender on the inside and deliciously flavored? How do you get there when the bread looks a bit dry?

Very simple: pass the fillets under running water for a few seconds, before cooking them in the oven at maximum power for five minutes. The water absorbed by the bread will soften the crumbs, while the pass in the oven will make the crust crunchy and fragrant again.

Finally, to keep the bread that you want to keep longer in the house, the freezer is the best option. For this, we recommend cutting it into strips and installing these pieces in various suitable tightly closed containers. Put them in the freezer. And you can get out of it at every meal. To defrost, simply place your slices inside an oven preheated to 200°C. After 5 minutes, you can turn it off. Leave the slices inside for a few more minutes before taking them out. No more wastage, you will only consume the amount you need!

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