The tenant does not pay his rent, the landlord makes a radical decision

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To claim unpaid rent, landlords can act in different ways. Some did not hesitate to use strong language to emphasize their annoyance and displeasure, as was the case at Feuerbach at Moselle.

It all starts with a story of unpaid rent…

This situation may seem trivial or even repetitive, and we don’t care much or don’t pay any attention to it. This takes place in Feuerbach, in the Moselle. Guillaume, a homeowner at 20 Faubourg Sainte-Croix, decides to rent this accommodation to an association that helps vulnerable people, particularly by offering them accommodation solutions. So it is from 1Verse In December 2021 the rent began, Guillaume pre-agreed with the association a month’s free rent, then a monthly rent of 950 euros thereafter. However, things did not go as planned. Over the months, Guillaume never received any rent from the association. Furious, the latter and eight months later called the state support services of the association to alert them to this situation, which could not continue, in his eyes. Despite this appeal, all payment orders were challenged. As a result, deportation procedures are constantly postponed. From that moment on, things took a funny turn.

Removes windows after non-payment of rent!

To express his dissatisfaction with such a situation, Clouds did not hesitate to remove the windows of the house he rentedtaking care to put the wooden boards in place, as the newspaper mentioned, Lauren Republican.

For its part, the association, headquartered in Metz, maintains that the non-payment of rents was a deliberate and entirely presumed act. In fact, the latter claims that the owner has undertaken to operate before November 23, 2021, and that an agreement has been signed to this effect. The work was to include, among other things, the installation of a safety rail to accommodate vulnerable people. this then Failure to carry out these works, which justifies non-payment of rents.

remove windows

Remove windows. Source: spm

The owner does not understand this approach and these actions, claiming in passing that he reconstructed the roof and heating. As for the windows, he removed them to replace them but is still waiting for them to be delivered before they can be installed.

It should be noted that when the windows were removed there was only one person in the dwelling and his window was the only one that had not been removed. Between rancor and anger, Guillaume declared: “ I did not think that an association in the social field would adopt such a position “.

How is unpaid rent dealt with?

For any landlord facing a tenant who refuses to pay rent, Several treatments can be considered. The first is to initiate a dialogue and exchange, to understand the reasons why rents are not being paid, and why we cannot find a solution that works for both parties. The second, as shown on, is Addressing the person who was the guarantor of the tenant or the insurerIf the latter has obtained insurance that guarantees the unpaid rent. In addition, if the tenant benefits from housing assistance, the landlord can contact the relevant organizations in order to initiate a procedure on the unpaid rent. as a last resort, The landlord can send a payment order to his tenant. This document expresses the desire to solve this problem amicably by obligating the tenant to pay his debts. If the latter still refuses, the landlord in this case can take legal action to request the tenant’s eviction.

This story shows how a landlord-tenant relationship can become hostile and lead to unlikely actions. The best thing for both parties is to honor their commitment when signing the lease.

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