The Magic Trick for a Full Oven Cleaning Using the Pot Method: It Will Shine Clean

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Dirty interior of the oven can affect the taste of food. In fact, the fumes from the residue produce harmful smoke that, in addition to releasing a burning smell, will affect the delicate flavors of your dishes.

What method should I use to thoroughly clean the oven?

As a general rule, the oven should be cleaned once a week. To overcome dandruff, some experienced housewives use a quick and effective method. Thanks to steam, this trick removes all dirt and grease stains in a jiffy.

  • The “pot method” of vinegar in the oven

heat the vinegar

Heat the vinegar. Source: spm

No need to purchase conventional products to clean dirty and clogged oven walls. You likely have a bottle of white vinegar in the cupboard that you can use for this. Famous for degreasing, disinfecting and deodorizing, this product will help you remove various crusts on the walls of the oven. Simply mix it with water and boil the solution in a saucepan. Pour everything into an ovenproof bowl and put it inside at 180 ° C. Wait about thirty minutes before ventilating the oven. Thus, the steam will soften the crust and facilitate the cleaning process. All you have to do is run an abrasive sponge to remove any remaining dirt and a clean cloth dampened with vinegar to complete the process.

  • The “pot method” of lemonade in the oven

Oven lemon pot

Lemon bowl in the oven. Source: spm

The bowl method can be made with another natural ingredient: lemon. This citrus fruit, known for its many cleaning and stain removal properties, will be a valuable ally for cleaning your oven. To apply this method, this time you will need two bowls of lemon juice. Use the first to moisten all surfaces of the oven with a sponge moistened with lemon juice. Then put the second container inside the machine and heat it to a temperature of 250°C For about thirty minutes. Allow it to cool and then using a sponge, shake off all dirt before rinsing it off with a damp cloth. The lemon will remove the greasy residue while leaving a sweet citrus scent inside the oven.

Other Tips to Make Your Oven Easily and Clean

Besides the pot method, there are other tricks to cleaning the oven well. With just a few simple gestures, you will be able to find a clean and sparkling device. These are some examples.

  • Clean the oven with baking soda

Baking soda to clean the oven

bicarbonate of soda. Source: spm

Before you begin, remove the racks from the oven to clean them in the kitchen sink. Put newspaper or a mop under the oven to protect the floor. Then prepare a simple solution by mixing ½ cup of baking soda and a few tablespoons of water. Once you have the dough, spread it over all the walls of the oven, making sure to cover all areas of the oven that are soiled, including the glass door. Let’s stand overnight. The next day, wipe the inside of the oven with a damp cloth. Also take a spoon to get rid of hardened product residue. For a flawless result, spray vinegar into the device and wipe it down one last time.

  • Use newspaper to clean the walls of the oven

If you are a fan of written journalism, there is no need to throw away newsprint after reading it. The latter can greatly help you in cleaning the interior and exterior of the oven. Then take a newspaper sheet and crumble it to get a ball. Then use a bowl of water to slightly moisten the paper. Then scrub all surfaces with this ball to remove traces of stains and food residue. Repeat the process with another damp paper if necessary.

You now know how to take care of your oven. Also, do not forget to polish the outer surface of the appliance (the oven door and glass) using the above products.

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