Many supermarkets are now using this trick to get us to spend more

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Discover the tricks supermarkets use to get you to spend more.

What are the tricks used in the supermarket to make you spend more?

supermarket shelves

supermarket shelves. Source: spm

Arrange the products in the supermarket

Most of the time, basic items like milk, eggs, and bread are placed farther from the supermarket entrance, so you can spend more time wandering the other aisles. Draws your attention to products you don’t necessarily need. It is best to set a long-term budget and stick to it as much as possible. This will prevent you from compulsive shopping.

Big carts in the supermarket:

trolley in supermarket

A cart in a supermarket. Source: spm

In many supermarkets, carts have increased in size and this may tempt you to buy more than you originally wanted. Conversely, if you see your cart half empty, you will think that you are missing something. To avoid this, do not take a cart and only put what you can carry in your hands or in a smaller basket.

Layout and display of products in supermarkets:

The products that sell the most to retailers are often the ones that are placed at eye level, so don’t miss out. So the most profitable brands are the ones right in front of you, you will have to go down or up a floor or two to find cheaper brands. A word of advice: Browse the entire aisle before buying a product, this will allow you to compare prices and take only what fits your budget.

Checkout Items in Supermarkets:

When you’re out, before it’s your turn, you’re very likely to be tempted by candy or a magazine. These are well positioned and easy to access when you are in the checkout line. The only solution here is your will!

Supermarket offers and promotions:

Promotions in the supermarket

Promotions in the supermarket. Source: spm

In general, the supermarket always wins even when it makes offers. Sometimes you save a little, but often you don’t. If you buy ten cups of yogurt, for example, you definitely won’t be able to eat it before its expiration date.

Fresh scents in the supermarket:

The bakery is often placed right at the entrance to the supermarket. The sweet smells of croissants and other sweets will make your mouth water and will make you want to eat tempting, flavorful and sweet products. Our advice is not to shop on an empty stomach because that will make you want to buy everything!

Quiet and slow music in the supermarket:

Supermarkets have found that playing soft, slow music slows your heartbeat and relaxes you. Which slows down your steps while shopping and encourages you to spend more, like when you come across an offer you can’t refuse. The solution to this is to wear headphones and walk briskly while running.

Other than supermarkets, what’s the best trick clothing stores use to get you to spend more?

Many clothing brands use this marketing strategy of “until supplies run out” tags. This will put you in the doubt that if you do not buy this item right away, you will never be eligible for this offer. Do not forget that sales are cyclical and that you will definitely find the same or even better offer during the next promotions.

Thanks to these tips, you are now ready to learn the marketing strategies adopted by many brands.

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