Is it dangerous to put your legs up? Here is the explanation of the scholars

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What could be more comfortable and enjoyable than sitting on a sofa with foam padded seat and backrest. A feeling that can be spoiled by this gesture that we all embrace at one time or another.

Would this move be dangerous?

Once we are sitting in a chair or armchair, We always tend to adopt the same reflex, i.e., the position of the legs. A gesture that may appear elegant to some or to ensure a certain comfort to others. Regardless of our reasons for adopting this gesture, this seemingly bland posture may nevertheless lead to certain health problems, as reported by our colleagues from Futura-Sciences, even if the opinions of scientists differ on this topic.

Sit on a sofa with your legs crossed

Sit on a sofa with your legs crossed. Source: spm

Why positioning your legs while sitting can be unhealthy?

Whether you cross your leg on the right side or the left side while sitting, this gesture can be Unpleasant effects on certain parts of the body.

In fact, by placing your legs in a seated position, you may feel some pain in your back. According to a study published in the Journal of Physical Therapy Science, maintaining this position for a very long time Spinal sprains can be felt in the lower back Which leads to a defect in the position of the pelvic bones.

In addition, adopting this pose can cause some pain in the hip. Cross your legs in a sitting position You lean your body to one side more than the otherwhich puts extra pressure on one of the hips.

Not forgetting that this gesture is also harmful to the blood circulation. In fact, resting one leg over the other while sitting, It generates a pressure effect that increases the pressure in the veinand promote the formation of varicose veins at the same time.

Finally, sitting this way can cause A muscle spasm that can in turn pinch the sciatic nerve Which can eventually cause the dreaded sciatica. Moreover, you will not fail to feel it at the level of the legs because the latter will seem numb to you.

However, according to Futura-Sciences, other scientists appear to be less receptive to these assertions. According to Merlin Thomas, MD at Monash University in Australia, It is the prolonged sitting position that can have negative health effectsWhether the legs are crossed or not.

young man sitting on the sofa

Young man sitting on the couch. Source: spm

How do you sit well and thus avoid adopting such a gesture on a daily basis?

It is not easy to get rid of some habits, even if they turn out to be harmful to your health. however, You have to realize this moment when this old reflex catches you. If you tend to cross your legs, think of all the consequences it might have on different areas of your body. Feel free to monitor your posture, by adopting these gestures on a daily basis, which should also replace this bad habit:

  • Feel free to put your legs on the ankles instead of the knees;
  • Avoid vibration from the buttocks to the buttocks as much as possible;
  • Choose a footrest to ease both feet;
  • do not sit constantly and for a long time;
  • Take a walk at least every two hours;
  • Remember to do certain exercises to strengthen your back.

However, if you feel any discomfort or pain, It is highly recommended to consult your doctor.

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