How to look rich even if you’re not: 3 simple things to know

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To make you think you have the means, you don’t have to spend pharaonic amounts on clothes and accessories, it only takes two or three changes to get there. We tell you everything!

How do you get the illusion of wearing a “rich” look with clothes at low prices?

There are tricks to get there without emptying your bank account. the secret ? You just need to be stylish and look sophisticated. Plus, elegant women never seem to have tried too hard.

No need to throw out your current wardrobe and replace it with creations from top designers. the important is To have an eye, to refine style, to know how to combine colors and above all to adapt your clothes to your silhouette. Basically, it should be Learn how to present yourself on a small budget. This is possible!

elegant look for women

Elegant look for women. Source: spm

  • Tailor-made clothes to look rich

To achieve your new lookyou can buy clothes at an affordable price and rent a seamstress So you can adjust it to your size. why ? You should know that made-to-measure garments are mirrored A sign of taste, high class and wealth.

Remember that even if you like a dress, pants or shirt, don’t touch the wallet unless the item in question fits your body perfectly.

An original designer handbag or purse is great – but keep it simple and elegant. The latest trendy sports bag shows that you are following the latest trend that goes against the habits of the rich. Choose simplicity when it comes to accessories!

make dress

make the dress. Source: spm

  • To look rich, do not turn yourself into a billboard for brands

The biggest brands in the world have their own styles that set them apart. That’s why big logos should definitely be avoided, as they make clothes look cheap. In other words, if you dress like this, you give the impression that you are trying really hard to dress up your look. But in order to look rich, you need to think “with caution.”

And while most brands prominently display their logos on clothes, bags, and shoes, that doesn’t mean you have to wear knockoffs thinking that no one will recognize them. Big and prominent logos have never been a sign of wealth and that’s why the most luxurious brands put on their creations top secret logos, and only “really rich” people wear this type of clothing.

outfit with logo

Outfit with logo. Source: spm

  • Correct posture, a sign of confidence to look rich

As far as we can remember, our grandmothers used to comment on our posture and constantly reminded us that it was better to stand up straight. And imagine what? They were absolutely right. Besides being good for our spine and general health, proper posture is a sign of confidence and wealth. So, here are some tips for adopting elegant behavior and good manners:

  • Straighten and lift your chin, keeping your neck aligned with your back.
  • During meals, eat slowly and chew food with your mouth closed.
  • Stay calm and avoid raising your voice when disturbed.
Correct and incorrect sitting position

Correct and incorrect sitting position. Source: spm

In our image-obsessed society, there are many situations in which dressing and dressing up looking “rich” can provide real benefits. Thanks to these tips, you no longer have to tighten your belt to buy expensive clothes, jewelry or bags.

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