Fresh lettuce crunchy for 3 weeks: Here’s the trick

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There are tips to keep lettuce fresh for longer. Find out which one.

Wrap lettuce in plastic wrap

Wrap lettuce in plastic wrap – Source: spm

How should lettuce be stored to prevent it from ripening too quickly?

Salad lovers worry that the higher temperatures cause them to ripen much faster than they would in the winter months. If not stored properly, lettuce plants will turn brown and wilt within days.

Whether it’s iceberg or romaine, lettuce needs care to keep it fresh and crisp for three weeks: Yes, you read that right, 21 days. As revealed by Mike from Kitchen Tips Online who provided a clever solution to a common problem.

In a video, Mike revealed the following problem, “What makes lettuce turn brown or wilt instantly? The answer is ethylene gas, which lettuce and other plants naturally produce when they start to wilt, or when the plant thinks it’s infected, it decomposes right away.” “

The expert advised that to prevent the spread of ethylene gas, the entire plant should be wrapped with cling film. Thanks to plastic, we also protect the lettuce from other sources of ethylene gas, delay the decomposition process and remember, if we buy lettuce in a bag, to close the bag tightly immediately after consuming the required amount.

Finally, they should be kept at the lowest temperatures inside the refrigerator, that is, in the bottom drawer, where fruits and vegetables are generally placed. Try these little tricks the next time you buy a salad and you’ll find that the leaves spoil very slowly.

Wrap the banana stem in plastic wrap

Wrapping banana stems in plastic wrap – Source: spm

Even bananas ripen quickly because of the ethylene, here’s the trick to preserving them for the life of the salad

Much like lettuce, bananas produce ethylene gas when ripe – primarily the stem involved, which then spreads to the rest of the fruit to help it ripen. One method of preserving bananas is the common plastic packaging technique.

Some people wrap the stem of a bunch of bananas in plastic wrap to prevent ripening or at least slow it down. However, the real trick is to separate all the bananas and twist the individual stems: this way the ethylene gas will have much fewer points to escape from.

Another trick has been revealed, other than plastic wrap or airtight containers. However, it is always recommended to keep the fruit out of the refrigerator. Only when the bananas begin to ripen, it is a good idea to put them in the refrigerator so that the cold preserves the fruit.

To get up to 15 days without any spots on the skin, the best advice is to use pellets that absorb ethylene and put them in an airtight container…Try it and after 2 weeks the bananas will still be yellow and fine.

So there is a quick and easy solution to preserve the salad, as well as the delicious fruit for a longer time.

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