Big changes await the three zodiac signs in October: positive and negative

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The second month of autumn marks a period of major transformations according to astrologers. Many planets are in retrograde state and among them is the unpredictable one: Uranus. Its decline is often synonymous with instability and uncertainty. For many signs of the zodiac, the astral climate of October will be loaded with reflections of positive and negative situations.

What zodiac signs will undergo many changes in October?

This October, three signs of the zodiac can feel the effects of Uranus’ retrograde. Sudden changes can alter their habits. Here are the main tags involved.


Gemini changes

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For Gemini, October will be synonymous with Big change at work. Under the influence of the retrograde of Uranus, this air sign will be forced out of their comfort zone and out of the routine they are accustomed to. From the beginning of the month, he will have to show great organization to move forward on a big project. Thus he will be able to count on the Sun-Mercury-Venus trio to put a very influential person on his path who will help him turn his thoughts into concrete actions. Thus Gemini can create a new impulse at work and transform their career forever. However, some tasks need to be done quickly, which may be a particular attempt at this very subtle sign. Accompanied by the stars, including Jupiter, this sign of the zodiac will still be able to set priorities and make the right choices for the future.


Cancer changes

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The great changes initiated by the planet Uranus will mainly affect the private sphere and romantic relationships of Cancer. October, Spouses can go through a difficult period due to misunderstandings. Thus he will be able to feel the intense emotions that he will find difficult to show. With the support of Jupiter, this water sign will seek a quick fix to relieve tensions and improve their lives as a couple. Single, this Water sign can come across an old acquaintance who disturbs his daily life and awakens old memories. On the pro side, Cancer might be surprised to receive a major promotion before the end of the month that rewards his past several efforts. Optimistic and resolute, he will be able to carry out all his tasks by always keeping his head on his shoulders.


arc changes

Sagittarius. Source: spm

Sagittarius will also see major changes during the month of October. Most of these changes will be positive that will give a new impetus to his love life and career. With Venus in Libra, he will be able to build a joint venture with his half by showing a great deal of flexibility. It can be a wedding, a pregnancy project, or a move that will change your life as a married couple forever. Moreover, the ebb of Mercury in Libra will also be very beneficial on a professional level. From the first weeks of October, this fire sign will give a great sense of the interpersonal skills that put them at the top of the company. He acts as a true leader and does not hesitate to make decisions for the benefit of everyone. With the support and accompaniment of its employees, it will be able to carry out major transformations, ensuring professional stability and financial security.

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