This is why you should not dry your laundry at home

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As a general rule, hanging laundry outside is the best solution when the weather permits. But we can in certain cases be forced to do it at home. This practice can be harmful for various reasons.

Why is the laundry not dried inside the house?

Drying laundry indoors would be a bad idea and there would be downsides to adopting this habit.

  • Drying clothes indoors increases the humidity level in your home.

Wet the laundry on the drying rack

Moisten the laundry on a drying rack. Source: spm

As a rule, the ideal indoor humidity level is between 40 and 50%. By drying laundry indoors, this rate increases by 30% and stays at 15% more over the following days. Thus, as soon as the laundry is extended inside the room, the level of humidity in it increases. Of course, this surplus will vary depending on the renewal of indoor air and the frequency of washing. Other factors can amplify this rate, namely: cooking fumes and condensation from hot baths and showers, emitted from the bathroom.

  • Drying clothes indoors is dangerous for your health

A damp room is the preferred breeding ground for dust mites and mold. These pathogens can be very harmful to your health and can cause respiratory diseases such as asthma and the development of allergies. Moisture can also cause fatigue and headaches.

  • Drying laundry indoors affects your health

Bad smell inside the house

Bad smell inside the house. Source: spm

In addition to crowding your room, wet laundry on a drying rack can emit unpleasant odors. Indeed, in rainy weather, Laundry may take longer to dry, resulting in dampness and a musty smell. In addition, a damp room increases the feeling of cold in the winter. You often tend to turn on the heating to increase the temperature in your room.

  • Drying laundry indoors is bad for your home

High humidity levels also cause significant damage indoors. This phenomenon leads to the appearance of condensation on the windows and in the corners of the walls. Thus traces of mold can appear on different surfaces and wallpaper detachment can be noticed quickly. This excess can also cause unpleasant odors to appear on some textiles in your home.

Some tips for better drying clothes indoors

Dry wash inside

Dry wash inside. Source: spm.

When you have no choice but to dry the laundry inside your home, it is advisable to follow certain rules that limit the occurrence of the aforementioned inconveniences. First, the maximum rotation must be done in the machine or manually so that the clothes dry faster. On the drying rack, let the air circulate, leaving empty spaces between clothes. It is best to choose the room in the house that is least humid and best ventilated for drying laundry. Brighter times of the day are preferred to take advantage of the heat and speed drying. Finally, avoid placing the laundry in front of a fan or any other heat source. The rapid evaporation of moisture will saturate the air in your home, which can be very harmful. Place the drying rack in front of a half-open window, and ventilate your home as regularly as possible. This simple gesture allows you to freshen the air inside you and get rid of any excess moisture.

As you understand, drying clothes indoors is not good for your health and can have risks and inconveniences. Follow these tips to help you dry clothes faster without increasing the humidity in your home.

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