These Zodiac Signs Are Angry And Angry This Week: Tough Times To Overcome

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Find out which signs of the zodiac the retrograde Mercury will not give a gift in October 2022. Bad news is coming soon!

Bad news for these three zodiac signs. Is Mercury retrograde to blame?

As we prepare for end septemberSome of us may encounter one or two obstacles on our way. If you are a concerned zodiac sign, know that it is not just physical obstacles or arguments, but also moods and how to interpret events that require your full attention. If you get angry without a good reason, it is Planetary transit error.

In fact, October is marked this year Planets moving in the air signs: Sun and Venus in Libra, Saturn in Aquarius and Mars in Gemini – Make it a great time for group travel and weddings as well as art events like concerts and exhibitions.

October 9 nightduring Full Moon in Aries, we will call to defend ourselves through dialogue and conversation. during this The first new moon of the fall seasonIn this event, miscommunication can be easily corrected. After two weeks, October 25 solar eclipse in Scorpio It will cause major changes in our deepest attachments and motivations. Some will even have to give up… so try to be careful! Which zodiac signs will suffer from these celestial events?



Virgo Tower. Source: spm

you will face Difficulty letting go and relaxing. subordinate internal tensions A lot will rock you hard during this period of decline. If you do not feel able to carry out your project due to lack of inspiration, you will get angry and lose your temper very quickly. And since you won’t have anyone around to vent, you’ll find someone. Even worse, after venting your frustration with this innocent person, you will feel even worse than you felt in the first place. If this happens, try to stay calm and put off discussions with others.

The scorpion

Scorpio zodiac sign

Scorpio zodiac sign. Source: spm

A torrent of conflicting information will confuse you. the moment that Your compass will rotate in all directions, ask for advice! during this Mercury backThe transfers are almost tailor-made to make you angry and frustrated. You can’t cheat your fate this week, my dear Scorpio peopleAnd the And for the simple reason that Your anger will prevail over common sense. You’ll be loud and overstepping your bounds in the next few days. You just get angry and irritable, and fuss about it just because you can’t figure out what makes you so upset during this time.


Aries zodiac sign

Aries zodiac sign. Source: spm

Dear Inhabitants of AriesGet ready for the upcoming period. In fact, this reduction occurs on the level of your romantic relationships. If you are in a relationship, Beware of misunderstanding with your partner. if you are single, Avoid declarations of love for now ! The new moon will bring out your worst insecurities.. In fact, it seems that it will only happen to open your old wounds. To avoid conflicts and dramatic situations, calm down before starting discussions.

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