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Put a plastic bag on the broom, everyone does it: it’s a real vacuum cleaner

There are several ways to clean the floor of the house. The simplest is to use a vacuum cleaner and a trash can to get rid of all the collected dirt. Although it is easy to pick up the smallest particles of dust, this household device also has its drawbacks. It can be heavy, noisy, difficult to handle, and energy consuming.

What is the trick to clean the floor effectively?

For a clean and pleasant interior, several methods can be deployed to provide quick solutions to common cleaning problems. The following trick will help you clean the floor by increasing the efficiency of the tool we use every day.

broom. Source: spm

If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner at home, you can always use a simple broom to clean your floor. By covering the bottom with a medium sized plastic bag, you will be able to easily remove pet hair and hair from the bathroom floor and all surfaces in the house. However, it is necessary to ensure that the bag is well connected to the handle of the broom so that it does not explode during cleaning. To do this, tie a knot or tie it with a thread. As you mop the floor, you will notice that hair and hair begin to stick to the plastic due to static electricity. Once the waste is collected, turn the bag upside down and put it in the trash. Another similar trick: Put pantyhose on the broom. In the same way, static electricity will allow you to easily remove dirt.

Other floor cleaning tips

Like the broom and plastic bag trick, other methods can be used to remove hair from the floor. Of course, this step should be followed by a thorough cleaning with the right products and equipment.

tea. Source: spm.

The first trick to remove dirt, hair, and hair from the floor is to use used tea leaves. Scatter them on the ground while they are still wet. So the hair will stick to it. This trick will allow you to get the hair back on the floor with just a swipe of the broom. For a flawless result, wipe the floor with a clean, damp mop.

Mop on the parquet. Source: spm

There is also another way to effectively remove hair from the floor of the bedroom, living room or bathroom. Simply drag a mop on the floor to collect all the hair and hair. However, it must be dry to facilitate cleaning. Note that window squeegees can be very practical for removing animal hairs from sofas and armchairs.

As you understand, a simple broom can completely replace a vacuum cleaner, especially when it comes to removing hair and hair on the floor. To be tested without further delay!

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