How to increase the speed of WiFi on your phone? Just click on this button

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However, one of the most common issues that arise when connecting to a Wi-Fi network, especially at home, is that it can sometimes become slow. Find out how you can put an end to this problem effectively.

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Why is Wi-Fi slow sometimes when using your mobile phone?

You are trying to watch a video and suddenly it slows down or stops playing completely. So Wi-Fi access is restricted. This is usually due to several reasons, such as a member of your family downloading a program or movie, because you are too far from the router, or your neighbor is capturing your internet access at the same time. , and so on.

These connection issues are usually temporary and can be easily resolved by waiting for the download to complete or restarting the router. If the Wi-Fi in your home is still very slow and you can’t find the reason for it, you can try one of these alternatives, offered by telephony expert Gabriel Davalos.

How to increase the speed of Wi-Fi on your smartphone?

There are solutions to face slow Wi-Fi access that can bother you on a daily basis.

1. Close the apps in the background of your smartphone

Some applications on your mobile phone that use Wi-Fi resources even if they are not in use. For this reason, it is recommended to close all applications that you have recently opened, as they may be running in the background and slowing down the loading of your active page.

Multiple phones connected to Wi-Fi

Multiple phones connected to Wi-Fi – Source: spm

2. Desaturate the Wi-Fi network you are connected to

Having multiple devices connected to the same router can slow down your Wi-Fi signal. To ensure that your phone, tablet or PC has the optimum speed, it is advised to disconnect all devices that are not in use at the time. Only required and used devices should remain connected to the Wi-Fi network.

3. Repair DNS 1 and DNS 2

Enter your phone settings and go to the “Wireless Connections” option. Your Wi-Fi network will appear, you have to press it for a few seconds to bring up “IP Settings”. Next, you will need to switch to a static IP address and add the following address “” in the DNS 1 and DNS2 fields to make websites load faster.

wifi password

Wi-Fi password – Source: spm

4. Change Wi-Fi password

If none of the above solutions work, just change the router password, because a neighbor might be using your WIFI connection without your knowledge. It is recommended to choose a password with letters (uppercase and lowercase) and numbers.

5. Contact your internet provider

If you have tried everything and your connection is still slow, it is best to contact your ISP and report the problem. In this case, a consultant will guide you to solve the router problem remotely, or send a technician to your home to identify the source of the problem and fix it.

With these different solutions, you should find your Wi-Fi network faster and have perfect internet access on your smartphone without too many problems.

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