Fall 2022 fashion trends: What vintage clothes should you avoid this season?

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With the new autumn season, some clothes and accessories will no longer be relevant in the fashion world. It is advisable to resort to other clothing styles that will make you look better.

What fall trends should be avoided this season?

Fashion trends

fashion trends. Source: spm

Summer is over and with fall trends and winter arriving, we cover up a bit more and opt for warmer clothes to keep warm. To avoid a heavy and imposing silhouette, it is advisable to follow some fashion tips to give more contrast to your look. This fall and winter, you can choose shades that are easy to wear and Which will perfectly match the colors of this season. To get stylish outfits that adapt to the season, follow these few tips to avoid pseudo-fashion. These fall-winter fashion trends will be left in the closet for this fall. We’ll share with you a list of tips to avoid mistakes to dress comfortably and in the latest fashion.

  • Oversized scarves, a fashion trend to be avoided

oversized scarf

Huge scarf. Source: spm

Such huge scarves that cover not only the neck, but also the shoulders should be avoided in this autumn season. This type of accessory tends to distort the silhouette. In fact, the silhouette looks more voluminous at the top especially if you wear skinny jeans, Mini shoes or a mini skirt to match your outfit.To keep warm, you can choose a turtleneck sweater or a jacket with a warm, but smaller scarf. Your silhouette will be more balanced.

  • Clothes with flowers should be avoided in the fall trend

flower clothes

Clothes with flowers. Source: spm

Floral clothes should be banned from your wardrobe for this fall season. These embroidered outfits should be left aside to opt for somewhat neutral outfits. You can replace it with monochrome outfits that are perfectly in line with autumn trends.

  • Faux fur jackets and coats, an autumnal trend to forget

This fall trend is no longer relevant because faux fur clothes do not give Not a very special look at your personality. By adding a faux fur jacket or coat to your outfit, it can be a faux pas and distort the look of your outfit. Choose flowing trench coats, woolen or tweed coats and perfect leather.

  • Mesh tights, a trend that is no longer relevant

Fishnet tights are now outdated. It can be worn under jeans with eyelets and pulled to the navel to be clearly visible, but this trend of this fall season should be forgotten. Prefer classic socks in monochrome color, it will bring more elegance to your personality.

If you love fashion and follow the trends of each season, now you know what clothes you should forget about this fall season.

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