Car seat belts have a hidden function. Few people know

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What is a seat belt button?

seat belt

seat belt – source: spm

Indispensable and unavoidable, the seat belt remains the essential element to protect the driver and passengers in the event of a road accident, collision or excessive braking. This safety device is mandatory and must be worn in all conditions as long as the vehicle is in motion. But next time, before you hook it up, take a closer look. You will notice that there is a small button on it. No doubt you have already seen it, but without ever knowing what it was concretely used for.

In fact, it is kind of a determinant. Thanks to him, the belt clip is always in the same place and does not slip. This hidden button makes it easy to fasten your seat belt without having to find the buckle that tends to slide under or behind the seat. In addition, this innovative system makes it possible to adjust the length of the strap to avoid severe pressure on the chest or pelvis. Thus, it promotes a safety margin of 5-7 cm.

What do you do if the belt gets stuck?

Put on the seat belt

Put your seat belt on – Source: spm

Although the seat belt does not require any special maintenance, you must remain vigilant for its proper functioning, as its performance is vital in the event of an emergency.

Regularly check that it is not defective or has operating problems due to obstructions or breaks in the mechanism. Make sure that the tape is wrapped properly, and is not distorted or torn. In general, after a car accident, if it is damaged, it is highly recommended to replace it.

NB : Do not attempt to repair the seat belt yourself. Especially if you don’t have the means or knowledge to do so. This element is so sensitive that it is better to contact a specialist in this field.

In some cases, dirt or greasy residue can affect the proper functioning of the belt. Doesn’t it fold properly, or even at all? In this case, remove all of the tape and wash it thoroughly with a mixture of soapy water until it is clean. Once dry and clean, apply silicone lubricant to the entire belt. You will be surprised to see that the winding speed has improved significantly.

Keep in mind that seat belts not only hold the body in place to prevent it from hitting the windshield or dashboard, but they also maintain proper position to reduce the violence of a collision. Likewise, when it comes to rear passengers, they avoid unfortunate frontal collisions that can annoy the driver and passenger on the right. So seat belts play an important role: however, in the back, many people forget to wear them. To be on the safe side, try to get used to using them. Better to warn…

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