3 zodiac signs will have financial problems in early October: their projects may collapse

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The energy of Lilith in sextile with Uranus will be unfavorable for the inhabitants of 3 zodiac signs. They will face turmoil at work, and their financial situation will be put to the test, during the beginning of October.

What are the three zodiac signs that will have financial problems at the beginning of October?

Lilith in sextile with Uranus does not bode well. Lilith or the black moon, in astronomy, is an imaginary point located at a maximum distance from the Earth. When the Moon passes around the Earth, its path draws an ellipse with two foci. First, the Earth, then the mathematical imaginary point, which astronomers call the black moon. This symbolizes in astrology the dark side of man. In other words, its gray areas. When Uranus forms a sexist side with Lilith, one becomes more brutal and hasty. Our behavior can be shocking and upsetting to others. This negative energy that spreads affects the financial situation of these three signs of the zodiac, during the beginning of October.

  • RAM

eloquent difficult times


The birthplace of this mark Will struggle to manage finances during the beginning of October. If he does not plan his investments properly from the beginning of the month, he may find himself later With unexpected fees and expenses, Which will undermine her already critical financial situation. Indeed, the stars advise this impulsive sign of nature, Avoid big purchases. In addition, Aries will experience many changes in work that may destabilize him. In fact, it will be difficult to adapt, and it will take time to find their directions. The native of this sign may suffer from tensions and disagreements with colleagues. These conflicts disturb him and prevent him from focusing on the progress of his projects.

  • the Bull

Taurus financial problems

the Bull. Source: spm

Citizens of this mark can be known at work Unexpected transformations. These critical situations will allow him to understand that he is not well surrounded, And it needs to be more suspicious. With the strength of his mind, the bull can easily overcome difficulties And stop any tensions. During the beginning of October, the financial situation of Taurus will also be tested. This is the sign of expectation Who calculates the least expenses, She will succumb to her epicurean pleasures. He will let himself be carried away by his desire to spend money on everything. Stars advise Taurus to be careful, otherwise his financial situation may be complicated.

  • virgin

Virgin financial problems

virgin. Source: spm

Virgo should be more vigilant And be careful during the beginning of October. This creative sign will tempt you with many project ideas, but they still need to be careful and study the ins and outs of their proposals. In fact, Its ambition must be measured, So as not to embark on important projects. Despite the renewed vigor he will experience during this month, this Earth sign You will not be immune from financial difficulties. A native of this sign should also pay attention to competitions at work that may annoy him.

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