Why don’t we use hand dryers anymore? Not recommended at all

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Admittedly, whether in a hotel, restaurant or service station, everyone has their own habits, but we also generally adapt to the options available: cloth or paper towels or hand dryers. The latter is often praised because many people think that it is harmless and that it protects us from germs. it’s wrong. Find out how an electric hand dryer can be dangerous to your health.

Why should we avoid using hand dryers?

Use a hand dryer

Use a hand dryer – Source: spm

Unlike hand washing, the debate is somewhat muted about the importance of proper drying. However, when we talk about the electric hand dryer, which is very common in many public or professional bathrooms, there are significant health risks that need to be raised and highlighted.

Admittedly, in absolute terms, it looks super comfy and eco-friendly, but a hand dryer is actually a cheat, as it pretty much equates to unwashed hands. Researchers from the University of Connecticut have shown what’s behind this dehydrator and it’s not a pretty sight. When you spot the dangers, you’ll never rush to dreaded hand dryers again!

Contrary to popular belief that it completely dries our hands and keeps them all clean, reality proves the opposite. We must be aware that the hot air that is being pushed tends to absorb all kinds of pathogenic microbes: then, when we get close to our hands, the bacteria are instantly released on our skin. This is the main reason why you should go straight to paper towels!

What do scientists think?

Hand dryer in the bathroom

Hand dryer in the bathroom – Source: spm

Following the conclusions of some studies on the subject, several scientists have issued an alert regarding the extensive use of generic hand dryers. In terms of hygiene, the results are very concerning. According to some specialists, these organs are full of invisible fungi that multiply rapidly: “ There are different strains associated with pathogenic bacteria. Hence the dirt circulating around our hands!‘ confirms Nicole Ward.

These electric dryers that heat the air multiply the number of bacteria on people’s hands during the drying process. New high-energy air blasting models produce spores up to two meters arounddeviceAnother specialist explains.

Although it is not known exactly which part of the mechanism attracts a lot of fungi and bacteria, it is known that the high force of expelled air is a source of attraction for germs and this falls on our hands. Some suggest using filters to try to reduce the problem, but they are not effective. The best option is to use paper towels to dry your hands, as the number of bacteria there is greatly reduced.

Now that you know this, you should think twice before using a hand dryer,” concludes researcher Ken Jennings.

good to know It is recommended to use a tissue paper because it absorbs the remaining water and microbes on the hands. By properly disposing of them, you reduce the risk of contamination.

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