October 2022 Horoscope: These 4 Zodiac Signs Will Be the Luckiest of the Month

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During October the stars hold sacred surprises for astrological signs. Some will be able to control their own destiny and make positive changes in their lives. After a long period of doubt, reflection and introspection, they can finally get back on the right track and achieve their goals.

What are the luckiest signs in October?

Four zodiac signs expect big things throughout October. In the program: new satisfying and romantic projects and big cash flows.


Sagittarius 2023

Sagittarius. Source: spm

The sign of Sagittarius is one of the defining October zodiac signs. Venus in Libra will be favorable for love and romance. Single, this fire sign will likely make an unexpected encounter and experience moments of great complicity with this person. As a couple, Sagittarius will finally be able to implement an ambitious project. It could be a marriage decision, a pregnancy plan, or a move. As for the financial side, a large cash flow is expected by the end of the month. Thus, Sagittarius will be able to rejoice at his many professional achievements and enjoy the company of people dear to him.


Leo 2023

Lion. Source: spm

For the sign of Leo, there will also be passion in October. They will shine in a thousand lights as a couple and will reveal a soft, caring side. With Venus in Libra, their relationships will be lighter and their communication richer and more transparent. The professional field will also be featured in October. This fire sign will be able to display his many talents and attract the attention of a very influential person. With the support of the stars, Leo will finally be able to organize his actions and start a big project. The latter will be quickly pushed to the top and will receive a promotion or increase in salary.


lucky virgin

virgin. Source: spm

October will be loaded with good news for Virgo. This Earth sign will be very happy to know about a happy event: signing a new contract, getting pregnant or building a new house. In terms of the heart, a single Virgo will finally be able to meet love, an authentic, loving person who completely understands her needs. On the professional side, The full moon invites Virgo to face new challenges. He will be able to prove himself and take risks that will prove fruitful. By the end of the month, all his efforts will be rewarded and a great career development will be prepared for him. It is possible that Virgo will also accept a new position in another country.


lucky fish

Pisces. Source: spm

October presents interesting cash flows for the sign of Pisces. This watermark will finally be able to find their dream job in the artistic or audiovisual sector. The salary that will be offered to him will exceed all his expectations and will increase his motivation. The Sun in Scorpio, during the last week of October, guarantees him additional benefits and a perfect financial balance. Pisces, more excited than ever, will pay special attention to their lives as a couple. Venus in Libra, inspires him with all the good ideas to kindle the flame and please his other half. It is impossible to resist her power of seduction and her charming gaze.

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