Hair loss: two teaspoons of this ingredient are enough to solve the problem

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Excessive hair loss is a common phenomenon. This often results in a large amount of hair on the bathroom floor, pillow, or hairbrush. To reduce this loss, it is possible to use 100% natural ingredients to stimulate growth and strengthen fine and damaged hair.

hair loss

hair loss; Source: spm

What treatment do you choose to treat hair loss?

It is a little known but highly effective solution for hair loss treatment. It not only solves the hair problem, but also restores strength and luster to all hair types, thanks to its many benefits.

  • Pumpkin seed oil, an effective ingredient against hair loss

pumpkin seeds

pumpkin seeds. Source: spm

If you are suffering from hair loss and have not found an effective treatment yet. Try pumpkin seed oil. According to one studyThis oil greatly helps to re-grow hair, especially in people who suffer from baldness. Rich in fatty acids, vitamin E and selenium, this product prevents testosterone from converting to DHT, a compound that kills hair follicles and causes them to disappear with age. This product is available in specialty stores or pharmacies, it must be pure and organic, and it must be applied regularly to the scalp for three months. It can also be combined with other essential oils to make an effective hair mask. Even people who do not have hair loss problems can use it to restore the luster and luster of their hair.

How is this oil applied to fight hair loss?

To use it as a hair mask, you can prepare this remedy as follows: In a bottle, mix 8 drops of ginger essential oil, 2 drops of rosemary essential oil and 50 ml of rosemary seed oil. Apply the treatment to the scalp and to the lengths and leave for ten minutes before rinsing.

Warning: Pumpkin oil interacts with lithium. Affected persons should notify their physician before using it internally.

Before and after treatment

Before and after treatment. Source: spm

Another ingredient to fight hair loss

Besides pumpkin seed oil, there are many other effective and natural ingredients for regenerating hair. Thus these simple and natural remedies will enhance its toughness and regrowth.

  • Musk oil to revitalize hair

musk oil

Musk oil. Source: spm

Geranium is an aromatic plant native to South Africa. Geranium essential oil, extracted from its leaves, is able to reduce hair loss by stimulating the capillary system and promoting hair growth. Simply mix 3 drops of this product with 8 drops of vegetable oil and apply directly to the scalp. It is also possible to add a few drops to your regular shampoo and massage the scalp with the palm of the hand. Leave it on for a few minutes and then rinse it off. This product contains isomenthone which has a therapeutic effect. By acting on scalp lesions, it regenerates cell tissue and thus limits hair loss. In addition, geranium essential oil moisturizes and restores coarse and damaged hair.

Hair loss can affect both men and women. Although the most common cause is androgenetic alopecia, it can reveal underlying health issues that are best identified during a consultation.

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