Each color of detergent has a specific function: here’s how to use it well

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Specifically, the big advantage of this dishwashing product is that we offer a range of detergent types of different colors and scents. All versions of dishwashing liquid have similar formulations, with no difference in method of use and purpose by color.”

However, color offers certain advantages. For example, citronella, lemon, and apple cleaners have odor-fighting technology and help neutralize fish, egg, onion, and garlic odors. As for coconut fragrances, they prefer the soft texture and feel of softness in the hands.

Dishwashing Detergent

Dishwashing Detergent – Source: spm

Kitchen cleaners have a neutral pH

It is important to specify that the detergents used for washing dishes are mostly biodegradable. That is, it is easily degraded by microorganisms living in nature, resulting in less impact on the environment after use. For this reason, since it is soft and non-aggressive, it is interesting to use it for cleaning various surfaces in the house.

However, it should be noted that detergents can vary according to their pH and therefore can be classified as neutral, acidic or alkaline. Generally, kitchen products have an average pH of around 7. In other words, they are neutral and dermatologist tested. Moreover, whatever color they are, they all have a very similar chemical composition.

In practice, each color of detergent differs only in the fragrance and dye used. But also, in some cases, by the amount of thickeners they contain (some are actually thicker than others).

Below, we will show you the main advantages of each.

green dish detergent

Green Dishwashing Detergent – Source: spm

Green Detergent: Lemon Cleaner

Usually containing lime, this green bottle adds a real fragrant touch to pots. Therefore, this cleaner is also ideal for removing strong odors from multiple surfaces, from dishes to floors, glass and upholstery. Plus, thanks to its grease-cutting formula, you can use it extensively to polish pans and frying pans that you regularly use for frying.

Red Detergent: Apple Cleaner

Due to its strong odor, red cleaner is generally recommended to neutralize strong odors from some strong-smelling foods such as fish, garlic, onions and other spices that permeate kitchen utensils.

White Detergent: Coconut Detergent

With a thicker consistency than other types, this white dishwashing liquid has a softer touch and is easier to work with. It goes beyond the confines of the kitchen, as it turns out to be a great ally for cleaning white clothes. Deodorizing and bleaching, you can count on its stain removal, degreasing and softening action. Without the slightest risk of damaging your textiles.

Transparent and transparent cleaner

Like the previous bottle, the transparent bottle reveals a silky liquid with a very smooth touch. You can also take advantage of its powerful degreasing power to wash different surfaces and whiten clothes.

yellow dish detergent

Yellow dish detergent – Source: spm

Yellow Detergent: Neutral Detergent

This type of detergent also has a soft touch and does not leave any stains and is very suitable for different uses: dishes, floors, walls, clothes and upholstery. No wonder it is so popular in homes!

Good to know: All kitchen cleaners, whatever their color, have a high degreasing potential and can be used to wash various surfaces, from floors and plaster to household appliances, upholstery and furniture in general. However, it is advisable to first dilute it with water or combine it with some natural products such as white vinegar, lemon or baking soda. To use these solutions on home items and surfaces, you can apply them with a sponge or rag.

be careful Do not use colored detergents (red or green) on light-colored clothes or very light and delicate upholstery to avoid the risk of staining them further.

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