An excellent weekend awaits these four signs of the zodiac: Joy and happiness on the date

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This weekend is the perfect time to catch up with friends and express affection. It is also the period that will make you fall in love influenced by the heat of Venus in Libra.

What zodiac signs would be lucky with Venus in Libra?

Constellations disintegration

Zodiac signs. Source: spm

The entry of Venus into Libra will be very auspicious for these zodiac signs. When you’re in Libra, Venus is in her house and she will perfectly express her floral qualities. This planet of love is very polite with deep sensitivity. She has it easier To understand and empathize with others. With Venus in Libra, we’ll look for love, and get it to do Concessions and negotiations with the partner. Our emotional intelligence increases as we thirst for freedom and peace but also for a beautiful loving union.

the Bull


Taurus. Source: spm

Venus rules the sign of Taurus and it will be a very favorite during the weekend. The inhabitants of this Earth sign will be pushed by the love planet into Libra. they can Affected by the characteristics of the flower In pursuit of balance in their emotional lives and in their careers. They are going to make great encounters and You will be attracted to the beauty of a certain person Which will not leave them indifferent. Taurus can also flirt during the weekend and meet someone who will invite him to a romantic dinner. They will be favored by Venus which will lead them to wear their 31 outfits to enjoy this evening.


Leo sign

Leo sign. Source: spm

Lions will be very lucky over the weekend. The inhabitants of this fire sign will be favored by Venus in Libra at the beginning of October. They will have opportunities to work and can receive a promotion. Lions will have the benefits of their manager who will help them climb the ladder in their professional field. This weekend, Leo will be calmer and gain some emotional stability. Representatives of this Leo sign will feel more accomplished and will take the time to spend time with the family.


Aries zodiac sign

Aries. Source: spm

Aries will be lucky with Venus in Libra. They will be favored by all the positive energies in Libra and will be able to function On the balance of their lives in order to find a new harmony. They will have more clarity in their professional and personal field. The inhabitants of this sign are Aries feel less anxious during the Weekend. They will be more Able to spend time for themselves Focus on their personal goals.


Libra zodiac sign

Libra sign. Source: spm

Venus has been in Libra since September 29 and are the original citizens of this air sign The planet of love will favor her. They will appreciate spending the weekend with their friends and taking time for themselves. They will share extraordinary moments wherever they can To renew deep bonds with some friends. Venus in Libra will bring them a lot of abundance and they will also be very lucky both professionally and financially. They will feel confident and happy to be taken care of.

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