7 Unplugged Devices at Night to Lower Your Energy Bill: You’ll Save Money

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Unfortunately, in most homes the majority of appliances remain plugged in all night long, even when not in use. Isn’t that a real waste of energy? If you want to cut costs, you have to have the reflexology to separate them every night before you go to bed. Here is a list of all the devices that will increase your annual bill!

Stick to the good habits: unplug your unused electrical appliances!

unplug the plug

Gabes disconnect – Source: spm

Yes, the electricity bill can be reduced. You still have to follow some rules. You will notice big changes if you follow a simple daily routine: unplug electrical and electronic devices before bed. Many of you still think turning them off is more than enough to save energy. forged !

Obviously, some appliances are almost impossible to separate, such as a refrigerator or freezer. But others deserve more attention to make some savings on our energy bills. Some devices such as a TV, computer, audio system, or game console continue to consume electricity, even when they are turned off. On average, the figures revealed by the Environment Agency and Energy Administration (Ademe) are rather informative: these “phantom loads” can exceed up to 50 watts per household, which equates to savings generated by more than 80 euros per year. So this makes sense. By constantly keeping your devices on standby, you are wasting power unnecessarily. Not to mention the environmental impact on the environment. However, just adopting good reflexes on a daily basis is enough to change the situation!

Here are the appliances that should be unplugged daily to save money on electricity bills:

1. Microwave

We agree not to use the microwave oven continuously. So it would be better to unplug it after use, or at least during the night, because it continues to consume electricity even if you don’t use it. Take, for example, the digital clock in the microwave. Why keep it on standby unnecessarily? Unless you need to know the time urgently, it would be wise to unplug this device at night.

2- Chargers

They gather in the house and are constantly connected to the sockets. Do you see what we’re talking about? All chargers for phones, computers, toothbrushes or electric shavers. So why keep them plugged in all the time without using them? Admittedly, they consume less than large appliances, but leaving them plugged into sockets for hours is a waste of energy. So get in the habit of separating them as much as possible!

3. Computers

Have you been working remotely for some time? So we imagine you are using your laptop during the day. But when evening comes, I turn it off, right? Well, this is not enough. Even when in hibernation, it continues to consume power. So it will be safe to separate it at night. Conversely, if you only use your computer periodically, it is not a good idea to leave it constantly connected: when you do not use it for a long time, disconnecting it from time to time will prevent any hardware failure. .

4. TV

He’s probably your worst enemy when it comes to energy expenditure! You can turn it on only in the evening after work to relax. However, this device stays online 24 hours a day. And that’s for several years even! Well, that’s a big mistake: a TV screen, especially the latest plasma screens, still consumes power, even when it’s turned off. Make the decision to turn off the TV before bed!

5. Printer

It’s always easy to have a printer on hand. Thanks to it, one can print papers at the last minute. The problem is that it is constantly in sleep mode. Tell yourself that he also has his share of responsibility in terms of consumption. Remember to unplug it when not in use.

6- Air conditioner

During the hot summer months, air conditioning is a very important ally in everyday life, even if it is also very greedy in terms of electricity. But when winter comes, it’s time to unplug it. Don’t make the mistake of banishing him. By separating it, you will at least make some small savings!

coffee machine

coffee machine – source: spm

7. Small appliances

As we said above, by disconnecting your devices in standby mode, you can save at least 10% annually. Phantom loads also relate to all small household appliances such as coffee machines, blenders, toasters and other similar appliances. Admittedly, there is no real effect on consumption, taken separately. But, if you put them together, it affects Libra: all these devices in standby mode risk increasing your annual bill.

From the morning I got used to pressing the button on the coffee machine or using the blender to make a healthy smoothie for breakfast. And Presto, once you use it, you turn off those machines and go to work. Except that, according to specialists, these modern devices are equipped with LED indicators to display the time or other details. In the collective mind, as long as they are extinct, they remain harmless. forged ! Again, it would be wise to separate it after use and especially during the night.

As a rule, no one likes to complicate his life. Of course, it is always practical to pre-wire your devices so that they are ready to go at all times and to save you time. How can the disconnection process be simplified? With this little trick: Bet the power strips with the switch. You will just have to press it to disconnect or activate your devices again. Simply !

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