Why do you now have to put the flour in the pan before preparing the eggs? The trick that changes everything

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Prepare scrambled eggs

Making scrambled eggs – Source: spm

Why do we sprinkle a little flour in the pan before making the scrambled eggs?

True, in absolute numbers, even a child can cook scrambled eggs. It is definitely one of the simplest dishes to prepare. However, many people complain about half of the eggs sticking to the pan. The desired texture is not always there either: the eggs are either too dry, burnt, or even chewy. And the belief that all the ingredients were there to make the recipe a complete success. One often wonders what exactly is wrong.

You are sure to make some fatal mistakes. Take, for example, do you have a habit of putting eggs directly into the pan when they come out of the fridge? bad idea. Perhaps this temperature shock is responsible for some problems. Hot oil will also disrupt the cooking process: before the heat reaches the yolk, the white turns brown very quickly. So it is important to leave the eggs for a few minutes at room temperature.

To succeed with scrambled eggs, you must first take them out of the refrigerator ahead of time and then sprinkle a few grams of flour into the oil. why ? The flour will prevent small burns and reduce oil splatter. When adding eggs, we recommend lowering the heat until the egg whites become white Food can be cooked slowly. This will prevent it from popping, sizzling, or drying out. Once cooked, the yolks will reach the right temperature.

So flour remains one of the best tricks to incorporate into the pan when preparing stir-fry.

crunchy cutlets

Crispy Cutlets – Source: spm

Flour has more than one trick up its sleeve!

  • How do you make crispy cutlets?

Want to cook in the oven, but dread the tedious cleaning of the molds afterwards? The trick is simple: before you put it in the oven, coat the dish with a little flour that will replace the butter or the baking tray. As a bonus, you will kill two birds with one stone: not only will the rusk cutlets be more crispy, but the cleaning will not be boring. Same principle with pork: sprinkle the chops with a little flour and a teaspoon of baking powder. They will not stick to the mold and will retain a delicious texture.

  • Use a little flour to fry the meat

If you want to fry a piece of meat in a pan, there are some rules that must be followed. First of all, you need to avoid heat shock: if the meat just came out of the refrigerator and you immerse it directly in the oily frying pan too hot, this sudden change in temperature risks quickly burning the piece of meat and changing its taste. Not to mention the burnt residue on the pot which will give you a hard time cleaning. The best is to use a little flour: sprinkle it on the oil in the same way as scrambled eggs.

Good to know: You should know that flour has an interesting thickening effect in cooking. Sprinkling it over the meat also helps make the crust more flavorful and protect it from high heat. In addition, it will not brown too quickly and will have a beautiful golden color.

  • Stop oil stains on the fryer!

Here again, flour is a ready-made solution. To facilitate cleaning after preparing for frying, there is a ritual that must be performed in advance. The trick is to add 1 teaspoon of wheat flour to the cold oil in the pan. That way, when it starts to heat up, as soon as the food gets close to it, it won’t splash all over the place. This will prevent dirt and burnt debris from depositing on the sides.

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