Use your washing machine at these times of the day: you will significantly reduce your electric bill

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Today, no family can do without a washing machine. But did you know that washing clothes at certain times can inflate your electric bill? We tell you everything!

Run your washing machine during off-peak hours

Many people often wonder: What is the best time to start a washing machine? Laundry is one of the most mundane tasks imaginable. However, there are different ways to perform this annoying chore while avoiding it wasted energy. Let’s see together how to achieve this.

The perfect time to start the washing machine

The perfect time to start the washing machine. Source: spm

  • Avoid peak hours to use the washing machine

In order to be able to determine the cheapest times to do laundry, we must first talk about full hoursthat’s to say, Hours of the day when the price of a kilowatt-hour is high.

Usually the most expensive time is to wash clothes or dry clothes At the beginning of the day and between 7 and 8 in the evening, So avoid using the washing machine during this time period.

  • Choose off-peak hours to activate the washing machine

The price of electricity is particularly low among 10 pm and 6 am. According to Engie, it is The perfect time to wash clothes With savings as much as possible. Night owls and early risers will be happy to hear this news.

board : Switching from one load to another when the dryer is hot helps retain residual heat inside the dryer for the next cycle. This can help reduce drying time, as your washer won’t have to use the same amount of energy to dry your clothes.

Washing machine saves money

A washing machine saves money. Source: spm

Practical tips to operate the washing machine without increasing energy bills

  • The colder the washing program in the washing machine, the better!

One cycle at 30°C Can Cut washing machine energy consumption in halfCompared to Cycle between 40 and 60°C. as 75% of the electricity consumed by the washing machine is used to heat the waterit’s better Maintain high washing temperatures for bedding, towels and sportswearas they are more likely to harbor bacteria.

Cold wash clothes

Wash cold clothes. Source: spm

  • Use the eco mode of the washing machine!

For even more savings, use setting “eco” From your washing machine, if it has one. This option allows the . extension Energy saving up to 45%.

Moreover, the use of rotary dryers is also considered Energy-hungry devices. That’s why it would be better Air dry your clothesIf, of course, you have the possibility to do so. Otherwise, the ideal situation would be to spread it on a dryer indoors, put the latter in front of the radiator, and close the room doors.

Air drying clothes

Air dry the clothes. Source: spm

Reducing energy consumption will also avoid contributing to global warming and allow for significant savings in the long run. Make good use of these tips and conserve the environment as well as save your money.

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