Unimaginable happiness awaits this zodiac sign in October. Fate will be on their side

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Unlike Mercury who has been playing tricks on us all along, Saturn’s retrograde in Aquarius would be just the opposite. And some astrological signs will finally know the joy of life.

Zodiac signs that will feel happiest in October 2022

Some astrological signs are worried about 3e Mercury retrograde will end on October 3. On the other hand, for other signs, this period brings them achievement and benefits. Find out the three zodiac signs that will be the happiest over the next month and this luck will welcome you with open arms.



Astrological sign of Gemini. Source: spm

After a turbulent period because of Mercury retrogradeIt’s time to take a rest. You’ll feel like yourself again this month, Gemini, because The sun continues to pass through your fifth house, That passion, encounters and creativity. It’s the right time for thatTake on a project you’re passionate about Much, Start a new hobby that you have been dreaming of for a long time, attend an exhibition or a concert with your loved one. In fact, any activity that fuels your artistic side will be right up your alley this month. with Full Moon in Aries on October 9You will be eager to communicate, meet new people, flirt and socialize.


Heart breaks Aquarius

Aquarius astrological sign. Source: spm

At the beginning of October, you will want to think about your values ​​and convictions, because The sun passes through your ninth house. Feel free to invite your friends to join your audio bath session. Dear Aquarius folks, it will be this month too Conducive to traveling and discovering new horizons. Being constantly looking for new products, you will get good service. Summer may be over, but the adventure is just beginning for you. So get ready for breathtaking new experiences! Saturn retrograde in Aquarius It will lead to enhanced motivation as well as positive bounces.

The scorpion

The scorpion

Scorpio astrological sign. Source: spm

Dear water sign children, you are the star of October, you don’t have to be humble. It has been a very difficult year for both your mind and body, and you are probably more tired than you can imagine right now. But it’s time for you to take a deep breath and raise your head. This season will be synonymous with focus and inner care and deserves your full attention. Movement of the planets in the air Signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius Throughout the month it will allow you to do so More easily overcome the difficult feelings and resentments you have accumulated throughout this year. Full Moon in Aries on October 9 It puts your focus back on your body, which you may have neglected too much.

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