How to turn old bread into fresh crunchy bread with a simple trick?

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Being the king of the French table, how can we give a second life to stale bread? Thanks to this trick, your family will see nothing but fire!

Bread has stopped: how do we explain this phenomenon?

Few things are as delicious as a fresh loaf of bread. But it’s hard to eat a whole loaf while it’s still fresh. However, storing them is a losing battle, as it only takes a short time to dry. In fact, it loses its moisture through a process called starch dip. During this phenomenon, The crumb hardens and loses its elasticitythus The bread dries up and starts to fall apart.

old bread

old bread Source: spm

How to soften hard and stale bread and give it freshness and softness?

So what do you do with bread that has suddenly become hard? There is a very simple trick to loosen it up quickly.

Soften stale bread in the microwave

  • Wrap the bread with a slightly damp towel.
  • Put it on a plate that can be put in the microwave
  • Run at maximum power for 10 seconds.
  • Check if it has become soft and repeat the process if necessary.
microwave bread

Microwave bread. Source: spm

Other alternatives to soften stale bread

We put the crusty bread in the oven to restore its crispness

  • Take your bread and dip it gently in the water.
  • Put in the oven at 200 ° C for 5 minutes.

please note :

  • Your bread is now fresh, don’t wait long to taste it, because it will lose its moisture again soon.
Crispy bread from the oven

Crispy bread from the oven. Source: spm

Celery trick to make bread softer

celery method Sliced ​​bread can also be moistened, but it takes time because you have to Let the bread absorb moisture all night long.

How to proceed:

  • Slide a stalk of celery into the bread bag (with the bread inside, of course) trying to close it tightly;
  • Then put the bag of bread in the refrigerator and leave it for several hours or even overnight;
  • Remove the celery stalk from the bag. It should be very dry and stiff at this point, as it has lost quite a bit of its moisture.
know celery

Know celery. Source: spm

Bonus: an anti-waste recipe for making stale bread

According to ADEME, In France, each inhabitant throws away 4.5 kg of bread per year. This is a huge number, especially since this waste can be avoided with some good recipes and feedback. Regardless of the fact Put the crusty bread pieces in the blender with the spices or herbs to convert it to Bread crumbsover here Anti-waste recipe To enhance soups and salads:

  • Cut old bread into cubes.
  • Heat a frying pan with olive oil, add salt and fry the croutons over low heat.
  • Add garlic, Provencal herbs or spices of your choice.
Toast with stale bread

Toast with stale bread. Source: spm

No more waste! Thanks to these tricks, you will finally eat bread without tossing a single crumb. In addition, it will still be crunchy and tasty. But still remember that in some cases it will be impossible to restore them.

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