How many circles do you see in the picture? Almost no one can find

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This type of visual challenge is specifically designed to measure a person’s observation skills. The human mind is complex and sometimes it plays tricks on us. To boost your competitiveness, feel free to gather your group of friends to try and find the solution. Let the best win!

How many circles are there in the picture?

Visual Challenge Picture -3

Visual Challenge Image – Source: spm

This circular test was invented by German psychologist Louis William Stern*. You don’t have to do anything other than watch the image carefully to determine how many circles it contains. Beware of appearances because these geometric shapes are very misleading. Focus well and go beyond your visual acuity. Good luck to you!

optical illusion solution

Want to know the ruling? If you think that there are a lot of circles in the picture, then you are wrong. In fact, there are only two circles: red and gray. If you look closely, you can notice that the other shapes are slightly flattened, in this case no longer circles, but ovals.

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Can you find the hidden letter in this illustration?

Still curious to assess your level of concentration? Below we have prepared for you a visual test that, when solved, will reveal whether you have above average intelligence or not. Try it and share it with your loved ones to see which one is better than you!

Your goal: to find the character that is hiding in the middle of all the circles. This is not clear at all. Not many internet users have faced this thorny challenge. But, by being careful and improving your focus, you may be able to get there without much effort.

The second visual challenge picture

Photo of the second visual challenge – Source: spm

Every day we subject our minds to many tests, whether it is to solve specific problems or develop different plans. But it is rare that we give time for some special tests that can give an indication of our level of intelligence. Now is the time to take advantage of it!

So what did you think? Were you able to find the message in question? Or are you completely lost in this abundance of circles? Yes, in fact, this process is especially delicate and demanding. If you pass the test, we highly applaud your visual acuity and analytical mind. If you are still desperate to find this message, we provide the solution in the image below:

The second solution of the visual challenge

2 . solutionThe tenth Visual Challenge – Source: spynews

Above all, don’t get discouraged! Keep training through the viral challenge sequence in your spare time. You will not only relax and entertain yourself, but you will also develop your intelligence and cognitive abilities.

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