Here’s how to sterilize, degrease and perfume your dishwasher with the bowl method

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In order to keep your dishwasher in good working order, it is important to regularly perform a thorough cleaning. This essential task not only helps you get rid of grease, unpleasant odors and product residues that accumulate on the inner walls of the appliance, but also keeps your dishes in perfect condition.

What is the best way to clean the dishwasher?

Contrary to popular belief, a dishwasher does not clean itself. Just like your refrigerator or gas hood, your dishwasher requires cleaning at least once a month. To achieve this effortlessly, all you need is a bowl and some natural ingredients.

  • How to clean a bowl of white vinegar in the dishwasher

bowl method

bowl method. Source: spm

White vinegar has disinfecting and disinfecting properties. It can work effectively against scales that stick to the walls of the dishwasher, thanks to its acetic acid content. It is also an excellent degreasing and odor removal agent. In order to benefit from its versatile action, it is recommended to pour 250ml white vinegar in a bowlPut it on the top tray of the unit. You can add a few drops of lemon or peppermint essential oil to mask the smell of vinegar and spread a pleasant aroma inside the appliance. Then start an empty wash cycle by setting it to the highest temperature. Once you are done washing, sprinkle 3 tablespoons of baking soda onto the base of the washer and start the second cycle on high, keeping in mind a shorter time (about 15 minutes). Then open the dishwasher and see the result!

Some tips for efficient and comprehensive dishwasher maintenance

The bowl method can be particularly effective at disinfecting, degreasing, and perfuming the interior of your dishwasher. However, some gestures keep the device in its original state.

  • Rinse items before putting them in the dishwasher

dishes in the sink

Dishes in the sink. Source: spm

It is recommended to wipe food scraps off plates, silverware, utensils or other containers before placing them in the machine. If you don’t plan to run the wash cycle right away, it’s best to rinse it in the sink first. Labels on new products should also be removed so as not to clog the filter.

  • Don’t forget the dishwasher door

After thoroughly cleaning the interior of the dishwasher, do not forget to clean the door. In fact, dirt, food debris, and traces of mold can build up on joints and leave stubborn marks over time. It is then recommended that you use dishwashing liquid on a damp microfiber cloth to wipe the surface of the door. It is possible to apply the same product to a soft toothbrush to clean the rubber edges. However, it is important to consult the manufacturer’s manual before using any product on your device.

  • Clean the dishwasher filter

dishwasher filter

Dishwasher filter. Source: spm

The filter is an essential component of a dishwasher. This is the key to getting clean and shiny dishes. As soon as you notice visible food particles on the filter, a deterioration in the cleaning performance of your appliance, or dirt on the dishes after cleaning, you will need to act immediately. To do this, remove the filter by referring to the manufacturer’s manual. Rinse with hot water and then scrub the filter mesh with a soft brush to remove traces of grease and particles that may be stuck inside. Rinse it with clean water and then put the filter back in place.

Now that your device is new, you will notice a difference in performance. Your dishes and glasses will be clean and sparkling again!

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