Forgot the unlock code? The simple trick to unlock any phone without a password

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To tackle this problem, you can simply follow this simple and effective trick. This will allow you to access your phone again and continue your activities. Your smartphone will finally be available and you won’t have to worry if you forget the unlock code again.

What is this trick to unlock your smartphone?

Smartphone privacy

Locked smartphone. Source: spm

To secure your personal information, you can configure your smartphone so that it is not accessible to everyone. You can configure the screen lock with a code, pattern, password, or fingerprint. but, If you forgot your code or other to unlock your mobile phoneThere is a solution that allows you to access your device. Discover this simple and effective trick.

  • Unlock your smartphone with location services

If you own an Android smartphone, you can use Google and if you have an iPhone, use iCloud to unlock your smartphone, if location is enabled. If your Android cell phone is frozen, you can reset it remotely using Google. Take a computer or other device that allows you to sign in to your Google account. Sign in and select your locked phone to unlock it remotely. Go to your Google account and then to Settings. Go to the “Security” menu and tap on your blocked device. Then go to “wipe device” to reset it remotely. If you own an iPhone, this is the same principle as in Android but with iCloud. To do this, sign in to your iCloud account and go to the “Locate my iPhone” function and enter your Apple IDs. Use the device of your choice to visit and fill in your information. Select your mobile phone and click on the “Erase iPhone” option.

How to unlock a locked Samsung smartphone?

Samsung Galaxy

Samsung. Source: spm

If you have a Samsung phone and it is locked because you forgot your unlock code, you can follow this simple method. You can unlock your smartphone With Samsung’s online mobile tracking service. It allows you to remotely manage your device if it is lost or stolen, but it also allows you to unlock it if you forget your code. Then take a computer or other mobile phone to connect to the Samsung tracker online and log in with your Samsung account. When you are logged in, click the “Unlock my device” button You will need to re-enter your Samsung account password To confirm that you are the owner of the device. Then click “Open”. Your device will then be unlocked and the passcode, password or pattern lock will be disabled. Then you will have to go to the settings of your Samsung phone to configure the lock code again with a code, password, pattern, fingerprint or face recognition.

By following this trick, you will be able to access your phone more easily. Unfortunately, you risk losing all your data, so always remember to save it to a remote storage.

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