Why is it necessary to put rice in the refrigerator? It fixes a problem we all have

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Here is the trick to beat these parasites that can interfere with daily life.

rice weevil

Rice mite – Source: spm

What attracts mites to your kitchen?

There are several thousand species of weevils, those little black insects that roam packages of pasta or rice. But only two of them entered our homes: the “flour weevil” and the “rice weevil”. These tiny insects are only 4 mm in size and often hide in packages of pasta, rice, cereal, or even white beans.

So weevils feed on flour, rice, cereals, pasta, and the like. They usually attack when there is a damp environment, and always the closet, especially when you are near a sink or other source of moisture, which cockroaches love.

clean the warehouse

Warehouse cleaning – Source: spm

How do you get rid of weevil supplies?

Since we cannot spray the kitchen with insecticides because they can be very dangerous to our health, in addition to the food waste that may result from them, an excellent option is to put food packages in the freezer and keep them for at least two days. . This will make them all disappear, regardless of the insects in that pack, as well as their eggs. It’s a great trick that doesn’t require effort or money, because nothing will happen to flour or cereal if you put them in the freezer. If the bags are too large to fit in the freezer, you can divide them into smaller bags.

To prevent the appearance of these insects, it is necessary to periodically clean the cabinet, as they can lay several eggs per day for several months. If you are already experiencing an infestation, it is best to be patient as it may take time for it to go away for good. In addition, they are very fast and easily hide due to their small size.

Weevils are not particularly dangerous insects for us, however, their presence can be to the advantage of other insects.

Another tip to eliminate mites naturally?

However, if you eat infected foods slowly, you will not completely eliminate the disease or prevent it from spreading. It is better to do the following to combat it:

  • Get rid of all contaminated food and also get rid of any open containers that you have stored next to clear food.
  • Completely empty the closet or cupboard, vacuum the shelves and wipe them with a damp cloth. It is best to add a touch of vinegar to the cleaning water.
  • Look for bread mites on shelves and dust off books well at least once a month.
  • Place fresh bay leaves in the affected corners of the kitchen. Do not use dried bay leaves because they do not work. If you press the leaves a little, it will be more effective. When you don’t feel its smell anymore, you should change it for a new one.
  • In hard-to-reach areas, such as joints or crevices, use a hair dryer on the maximum setting to get rid of the larvae.

So there are many effective tips to remove mites from your judgments. Follow these tips and you will eventually get rid of it!

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