What happens when chlorophytum grows in your house

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In addition to decorating the house and adding a touch of greenery, houseplants have other benefits. This is also the case of chlorophytum which, when grown indoors, brings the greatest benefit to the surrounding air.

What happens when chlorophytum grows at home?

spider plant

spider plant. Source: spm

Grown indoors, chlorophytum is allowed Removing air pollution around the home and purified. In fact, it has the ability to absorb Carbon Monoxide From cigarettes, gas stoves, or combustion heaters. also allowed To purify the house from other toxic substances, Such as benzene, which comes from paint or varnish, xylene, which comes from parquet and resins, formaldehyde, which comes from glue, wood and insulation, and finally toluene, which comes from varnishes and furniture.

In addition to its decontaminating properties, the spider plant is also effective in absorbing odors And maintain a good level of oxygen in the room in which it is. Promotes restful sleep. Moreover, it is recommended To keep chlorophytum in the children’s room.

How do you take care of chlorophytum?

Chlorophytum care

Chlorophytum care. Source: spm

Chlorophytum is a powerful plant that does not require much care. So it is ideal for people who do not have a green thumb.

Although this green plant is easy to maintain, some gestures should not be neglected, To keep your plant healthy. The spider plant needs exposure to light, but does not like direct sunlight. Moreover, it is recommended sun foliage to prevent it from drying out. In winter, keep chlorophytum at a temperature of 7 to 10 degrees Celsius. Furthermore it, Spider plant lives in frost. Regarding watering, it is advisable not to have a heavy hand when watering your plant. Especially since its tuberous roots It has the ability to store water. Note that chlorophytum tolerates forgetting of watering better than moist soil. However, it is recommended that you water your plant moderately in summer and empty between waterings in winter, Be sure to let the potting soil dry out before moistening the potting soil. Don’t forget to remove standing water in the saucer or spool.

To maintain your plant, feel free to get rid of dead leaves and damaged parts. Between early spring and early fall, you can fertilize your plant twice a month. Replant the spider plant at least once a year, or Once the roots begin to come out of the drainage holes.

Since chlorophytum is a resistant plant, It is not the target of parasite attacks. On the other hand, the foliage can turn brown if this plant is subjected to a physiological emotion. In this case, it is recommended to repot or fertilize the plant With a special fertilizer for green plants, to feed her. It is also advisable to spray the foliage with non-lime water in order to re-moisten the plant and place it in the light. If the leaves become dull.

However, growing chlorophytum in your home allows you to purify the surrounding air from toxic substances and promote restful sleep. In addition, this indoor green plant is easy to maintain and does not require tedious care.

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