This is the hidden oven button that raises your electric bill: always leave it on

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You should know that even if you do not use your oven, it still consumes a lot of energy. For this reason, we share with you a trick that allows you to reduce power consumption with a simple gesture.

Does your oven stay on standby? How do you reduce your energy bill?

If you want to save energy, you can be vigilant about using your electrical appliances such as the oven. Even if your device is turned off and you are not using it, it still consumes power. If you see a red light on Franc it in standby mode. To avoid this phenomenon, unplug your oven if you are not using it. This will help you reduce your energy consumption. It is part of the phantom loads that make up the electricity consumption generated by devices in standby mode.

How do you reduce the energy consumption of your oven?


oven. Source: spm

Appliances in standby mode can consume a lot of power indoors. Your device consumes electricity even when you are not using it. These devices remain plugged into an electrical outlet, resulting in high power consumption. That’s why it’s important to separate them when not in use. but Reduce your energy consumption when using the oven, follow these tips.

  • Prefer heat to convection when using your oven

Rotating oven

Rotary oven thermostat. Source: spm

To save energy when using your oven, use the convection heat of your appliance. This is the most economical cooking mode in your household appliances. In addition, with convection, the oven will heat up longer and retain heat longer. By heating your food evenly, it will cook faster.

  • Do not open the oven door too often

You should avoid opening the oven door while you are cooking your food inside your appliance. Ovens are manufactured in such a way that they are well insulated and thus retain heat well inside. If you open the oven while cookingThe heat will come out of your device and it will have to reproduce and consume energy again.

  • Reduce the pyrolysis function of the furnace

To avoid the effort of deep cleaning, some pyrolysis ovens allow the appliance to be cleaned. But The disadvantage is that this method It consumes a lot of energy. It is heating the oven to a very high temperature to burn off the fat or foods covered with the walls. This cleaning process can last between one and two hours. The problem with this system is that it consumes a lot of electricity and it is very expensive to buy. Instead, choose an induction furnace, which is inexpensive and consumes less electricity.

To reduce your electricity consumption while using the oven, you can also pay attention to your consumption habits. For example, if you don’t have to bake to cook the food, choose another cooking method. This will allow you to significantly reduce your energy consumption.

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