Intelligence test: which cup of coffee will fill first?

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visual challenge photo

Visual Challenge Image – Source: spm

Intelligence test * with coffee cups

When it comes to logical conclusion, we are not all equal. Some can complicate their existence, others will find the shortest path. Whatever the case, from a mathematical point of view, we always decide on the most coherent and most inferred option.

Here, in this case, this picture thoroughly tests your ability to reason and your reasoning. As you can see, you are presented with four numbered cups. Pay close attention to this illustration and watch the different options carefully. Above all, do not rush to give the answer, even if it seems obvious to you, it may mislead you. Know that there are some hidden elements that are not discovered at first glance. Having carefully analyzed the image and paid all your attention to the smallest detail, you can then give the final answer.

Here is the correct answer to the test

So, what do you think is the cup? It is time to give you the right answer and above all to explain to you why this is the best and even the only option. The cup in question, the cup that fills first, can only be number 5.

If you pay attention to the details and serve the coffee well, this is the only possible discount. And for good reason: cups numbered 4, 9, and 7 won’t be able to hold the coffee drips, because if you notice carefully, the tubes are clogged. Thus, the only cup in which the coffee flows is the one with the number 5.

Were you able to find the correct answer on your own? If so, we congratulate you on your visual acuity and sharp observational skills. If you haven’t noticed clogged tubes, it’s not so bad. Many people have not previously noticed this small detail. Go ahead, get back in the saddle and continue with a new, lower challenge.

*Do you know IQ tests have been around for more than a century and have undergone various changes over time. Created in France to identify students who need extra help in school. Later, the US government used modified versions of IQ tests during World War I. Thus the army used these tests to determine qualified candidates to avoid sending unprepared men into combat. This custom is still relevant today.

What number do you see in this optical illusion?

optical illusion image

Optical Illusion Image – Source: spm

This optical illusion is considered one of the easiest. You still have to focus on the big picture and free your mind. The challenge is simple: you have to find a 3-digit number hidden in the illustration. Usually, after a few seconds, you will find the answer quickly!

solve the image

This red group has bothered your gaze to the point that you were unable to spot the number in question? Look at the photo again: if you look closely, you will see in the foreground the presence of three large figures. Of course, it is hardly noticeable, but you can spot the number 571.

optical illusion solution

Optical Illusion Solution – Source: spm

If you fail this visual challenge, don’t worry. There are many such tests on the Internet that will help you practice to improve your cognitive abilities. IQ tests fall into two categories, those for children and those for adults. To get the desired results, start simple first until you reach complexity.

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