How to widen narrow shoes with a natural trick?

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Your new husband is too tight and you’re planning to take him back to the store? do not hurry ! There are always solutions to try to stretch the shoe and make it perfectly fit the shape of your feet. We will also reveal to you a completely unusual, yet simple and economical trick, which will make it easier for you to put on your new shoes.

wear tight shoes

Wear tight shoes – Source: spm

How do you expand your new shoes with corn?

For your comfort and convenience, we offer you a great solution to extend your new shoes. Few of you know the corn trick: Once you try it, you’ll quickly end up adopting it. Follow this method step by step and you will be amazed at the results.

What will be the role of the corn in the shoes? Indeed, thanks to its properties, your shoes will relax and increase in size. This way, they will be able to quickly adapt to the movements of your feet. Moreover, there is no need to hurry, it is possible to apply this solution several days in a row, until your husband is completely comfortable.

The big advantage of this treatment: corns do not damage the material of your shoes at all. It is also ideal for a variety of models, from sandals to sneakers. As a bonus, it is a very economical and accessible solution for everyone.

NB : Don’t worry, corns won’t make your shoes bigger. This will simply help loosen and soften them so that they can be worn easily and fit your feet perfectly.

corn seed

Corn seeds – Source: spm

How do you apply this trick?

To get started, prepare the following components:

  • bag
  • Water
  • dry corn kernels

Buy enough corn seed that you can easily find in the market. In a large bowl, pour water and add enough corn. Leave it to soak for some time.

Then put the wet corn in a plastic bag and add a little water. Close the bag completely so that it does not open. Finally, place it directly inside the shoe you want to expand. Let it rest overnight. In this way, the corn works by enlarging the shoe size, and from the next day you will already feel the difference. Obviously, if it’s still a little tight, you can repeat this process for a few more days.

Wearing shoes at home

Wearing shoes at home – Source: spm

5 more ways to stretch shoes

1. Wear it at home

When your new shoes are uncomfortable, feel free to put them on and walk around the house in them, until they get used to your feet. Thanks to the speed for a few days, you will be able to expand it more quickly. But for your convenience, give your feet a rest before trying this method. Of course, to avoid getting your new smooth pair of shoes dirty, just walk on rugs or carpeted surfaces.

2. With socks and hair dryer

If the previous method was not very conclusive, you can always refer to this clever solution. It will add more flexibility and help your shoes shape better for your feet. How to proceed? Put on a pair of thick socks and slip your feet into tight shoes. Use a hair dryer for 20 to 30 seconds: aim it at the frayed parts. So the hot air will facilitate the expansion process. Multiply the attempts until you get the optimal result!

Warning: Use only lukewarm heat and keep the device moving so it does not dry out or burn the leather of the shoe.

3. Peeled Potato Trick

This is another unusual technique that has largely proven itself. Peel two potatoes, wrap them in paper towels, and slide each to the front of the shoe. Let her rest like this all night. The next day, the stretching will already be more noticeable.

4. Leave your shoes in the freezer

After the heat, the cool is also very promising. Many people are unaware of this method, but it provides excellent results. Take two freezer bags and fill them halfway with water. Close them tightly before placing them inside each shoe. Then put it in the freezer and leave it overnight. The water bag will freeze and increase in size, which will allow it to give the shoe more capacity.

5. Use damp newspaper

Finally, this last trick relies on moisture, which tends to soften a very hard material more quickly. Also, for extending very small shoes, use slightly damp newspaper with a sprayer. Crimp it into a ball and tuck it into the shoe on the side of the toe. Keep it that way overnight. When the newspaper dries, the material will break apart a little more.

NB : Check that your shoes are not likely to be damaged by moisture. In this case neither this method nor the freezing method is suitable.

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