How do you reduce the electricity bill by the meter trick? Good savings at the end of the month

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There are different solutions to reduce your bills and save money, especially in terms of configuring your electricity meter and the way you use your appliances in your home.

How to reduce your bills with this trick on the counter?

Reduce your electricity bills

Reduce your electricity bills. Source: spm

With energy prices on the rise, French households are trying by all means to save money to lower their bills. Depending on the monthly expenses such as phone bills, insurance, electricity, water or gas, it can become a burden in the annual budget of all French people. To save money, you can follow this trick by using your meter.

  • Refers to meters to reduce bills

Electricity meter

Electricity meter. Source: spm

To reduce your bills and achieve energy savings, you can use the meter configured by Enedis during peak and peak hours, as shown by Total Energies. Off-peak hours correspond to the hours when the electrical grid is underutilized. It is therefore recommended that you use your electrical appliances during these time periods between 12 noon and 5 pm and 8 pm and 8 am. However, these times may vary by region.

The new counters are designed so that you can Set the thermostat to warm up quickly and set the temperature for each room. In order to reduce your bills, the electricity meter can also provide you with an eco mode that allows you to reduce energy consumption during peak hours depending on your chosen electricity supplier.

Discover other tips to reduce your electricity bill

Electricity bill

Electricity bill. Source: spm

To reduce your electric bill, you should reduce your energy consumption. If it’s hard to change your daily habits, you can follow these few tips to save some money.

  • Turn off your spare devices to reduce your bills

Your electrical appliances in standby mode consume a lot of power. In fact, even if it is turned off, it remains connected and thus consumes electricity. To turn it off completely, it must be disconnected or the standby system set up. You will get 11% discount on your electricity bill. So think of Disconnect all your electronic devices Like your computer, kettle, charger, and game console when you’re not using it.

  • Make full use of daylight to reduce your bills

During the summer you can enjoy the daylight. This will allow you not to turn on the light and Energy saving. You will enjoy natural sunlight without worrying about your electric bill.

  • Lower your hot water temperature to reduce your bills

Lowering the temperature of the hot water in the water heater will allow you to lower your electric bill. You can lower the temperature of the hot water Lower your energy bill.

To reduce your bills, you can also replace your energy-intensive devices with devices that consume less energy. The investment you make to buy them will be quickly amortized.

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