9 signs that your computer is infected with spyware

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Spyware is not malicious: it spreads spam, corrupts your browser, slows down your computer, and launches a large number of pop-up ads. In extreme cases, they can be malicious by stealing your personal data (passwords, email address list) and even using your computer for illegal activities. So your browser is in danger of being attacked at any time. This is why computer security is essential: You should never skimp on the means to protect your privacy and keep your personal information safe. To find out if your computer is being spied on without your knowledge, one way or another, we recommend that you take note of these telltale signs.

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How could you end up with spyware on your computer?

Most spyware enters your computer when you download free files, applications, music files, or other screensavers available on the Internet. During the download, malware enters your device unnoticed and does its job: it collects information about you and then sends it to third parties to be deleted. Although this spyware contains malicious elements, it is illegal and not considered a virus because it does not reproduce itself and does not corrupt data. However, as mentioned above, this type of attack leads to many annoying inconveniences on a daily basis. Not to mention the massive intrusion into your privacy.

If you encounter one or more of the warning signs below, your computer is most likely infected. So it would be better to seek professional help to remove spyware and protect yourself from potential attacks in the future.

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What are the nine signs that your computer is being spied on?

1) If you open your internet browser and notice a strange homepage that will not be scanned, it is possible that your computer has been hacked by spyware. Another big clue: You also noticed that you can no longer modify your browser settings or that your Favorites folder is no longer in its usual place.

2) You perform a search, but another unauthorized browser completes it for you. For example, you type a search term, but suddenly another browser appears and lists different sites associated with your search term. This is a sure sign of spyware infection. You will also notice that if you try to remove this program, it will come back immediately afterwards.

3) From day to day your computer is unstable, much slower than usual, suddenly freezes or crashes frequently? Perhaps this proves that the snitch annoys him. Note that spyware runs in the background, consuming disk space and processor speed, which can cause serious performance issues. The situation needs to be addressed quickly, because if your computer is no longer working properly, it risks damaging your files in the long run.

4) Pop-up ads are constantly appearing on your screen, even if you are not browsing the Internet. It is really very annoying to be invaded all the time by this torrent of popups. Not to mention you can customize some ads with your name.

5) Have your phone bills gone up a bit? By carefully monitoring the summary, if you notice many calls to 900 numbers that you have never made, there is no doubt that you are being spied on. Some spyware can use your computer to make broadband calls and phone calls.

6) Another alarm sign: The modem’s sending and receiving lights are actively blinking as if you’re browsing the web or downloading files online, when you’re not. Possibly the culprits are spyware that sends and receives information through your computer without your permission.

7) Obscure files suddenly start appearing on your computer, desktop files and icons are moved or deleted, toolbars are blank or missing… These are all signs that something is wrong.

8) The CD case starts to open and close by itself.

9) You find suspicious emails in your Sent folder and you never sent them.

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