7 Places in the Home Most People Forget to Clean: Time to Check Out

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Home maintenance is not an easy task. Dust and dirt easily accumulate in all corners and surfaces. In addition to dusting the furniture and washing the floor, other places in the home need cleaning and disinfection, but are often forgotten. We’ve got you covered.

What are the seven places in the house that most housewives forget to clean?

Here are the seven places housewives can forget to clean.

  • Clean the remote control

Clean the remote control

Clean the remote control. Source: spm

When the remote control is handled by everyone in the home, it should be disinfected regularly. So, Remove the batteries first Then soak a microfiber cloth in a solution of water and white vinegar and rub the remote control, Even cleaning between keys. Dry them with a clean, dry cloth, then replace the batteries. This cleaning should be done weekly.

  • Clean the range hood

Kitchen hood used for Eliminate cooking smells from food. It also helps to retain fat outlook To keep the kitchen clean. However, we often forget to clean it. It is important to maintain the range hood Minimize it regularly. To do this, remove the filters from the lid and soak them in a basin of hot water. This will allow Soften grease and dirt Thus facilitating cleaning. Then pour some baking soda on the filters and let it sit for an hour. Feel free to turn the filters over from time to time, especially if you cannot fully submerge them in the aquarium. Using a soft microfiber sponge, Scrub the filters to remove grease. Then rinse and dry thoroughly before putting the filter back in place. Note that in addition to baking soda, you can also use white vinegar It is a natural degreaser and stain remover. To do this, simply soak a microfiber cloth in white vinegar, having previously heated it, and then scrub the filters.

  • clean the fridge

clean the fridge

Clean the refrigerator. Source: spm

The refrigerator needs regular maintenance To eliminate bacteria and odors. It is recommended to disinfect your household appliances twice a month. To do this, clean the inside of the refrigerator with a microfiber sponge moistened with a solution of water and white vinegar. also think To defrost your refrigerator To increase the life of your devices, but also To avoid excessive energy consumption Which burdens the electric bill.

  • Clean the dressing room

The dressing room is a real dust nest. So it needs regular cleaning. To do this, vacuum it up first and then vacuum it up to remove all dust. Then clean the walls and bars with white vinegar or preferably rubbing alcohol. Dry and air your dressing room before getting dressed again.

  • clean the keys

Clean the key

Clean the key. Source: spm

Light switches are often forgotten when cleaning the house. However they accumulate bacteria easily. Remember to clean them weekly, Using a cotton swab soaked in alcohol at 90°C. Scrub and then leave it to dry.

The keys can also be cleaned with a potato and cleansing milk. The starch of this tuber is very effective to melt fat. Rub the keys with half a potato, wipe them with a cloth, then soak a cotton ball in cleansing milk and pass it over the keys. This will remove the dirt that is still around you put a protective film on the keys, To protect them from dirt.

  • Clean the blinds

Curtains are often forgotten in home maintenance, but they are always under our eyes. The curtains collect dust It is washed twice a year. For cotton curtains, you can machine wash them at 30°C. Velvet and sheer curtains should be hand washed using soap and water. As for shower curtains, they should be cleaned more often, preferably once every two months. Activate the 60-degree hot water cycle for cotton curtains, and a 30-degree rotation for plastic blinds.

  • Clean trash cans

Although it seems obvious, we often forget to clean trash cans at home. After emptying trash cans, in the bathroom or in the kitchen, scrub the interior walls with a microfiber sponge dampened with water and white vinegar or a paste of baking soda. Rinse and air dry to avoid unpleasant odors that cause moisture.

As you understand, maintaining small corners guarantees impeccable cleanliness of your home.

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