With this simple treatment, it only takes 5 minutes to get your stove knobs sparkling like new again

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There are several factors that cause oven knobs to become clogged. In fact, this can be caused by fluid overflow, greasy stains, or dirty hands. So, if you haven’t found an effective solution for cleaning those micro controllers, use this miracle ingredient.

What is this ingredient that allows you to thoroughly clean oven handles?

Grease residue on stove knobs can be difficult to remove. To avoid spending long hours scrubbing with no results, choose the ingredient below instead. However, it is recommended that these adapters be unscrewed in advance with a flat tool.

  • Use household alcohol to polish stove knobs

Dirty adjustment buttons

Dirty settings buttons – Source: spm

Household alcohol is the ideal solution for polishing stove control knobs. But before starting, cleaning with soap and water is required. To do this, pour 2 liters of hot water into a sink and then add a little dishwashing liquid before submerging the stove components. Then scrub them with a brush. Once the dirt is removed, use a clean cotton swab dampened with rubbing alcohol to clean hard-to-reach areas. Finally, for a flawless result, wipe the pimples with a sponge impregnated with this same product and then complete the process by wiping with a soft, dry cloth.

Other tips for cleaning and polishing stove knobs

Like household rubbing alcohol, other simple, accessible ingredients make removing grime from stove knobs easy. Here are some examples of products that can bring them shine and brilliance.

  • Clean the adjusting knobs with white vinegar and baking soda

Cleaning stove knobs

Cleaning oven handles – Source: spm

The properties of white vinegar and baking soda are well known. Grandmas swear by these ingredients that make it all go away. To clean the stove knobs, you will only need a spray bottle. The latter must be filled with water and vinegar in equal parts. Use it to spray the solution on all stove knobs. Leave it on for a minute before rubbing it well with a sponge. Complete the process by sprinkling the sponge with baking soda. Then wipe the components of the board to remove all stubborn marks. To dry, use a soft, dry cloth.

  • Dip the adjusting knobs in a mixture of dish soap and boiling water

Another trick is to use boiling water and dish soap to clean the stove knobs. However, this must be done in stages. Start the process by sprinkling the buttons of the device with baking soda. Let it work for a few minutes. During this time, take a clean cloth that you will soak in boiling water. After squeezing it, put it on the front to clean it and leave it for half an hour. The heat of the boiling water will soften the grease and loosen any dirt embedded in the knob’s grooves. All you have to do is soak a clean sponge in dish soap and water and use it to clean the blisters. A dry cloth or paper towel will be enough to complete the process.

  • Clean stove knobs with sparkling water

sparkling water

Sparkling water – Source: spm

If you are a fan of sparkling water, this trick is for you. To clean stove knobs, use a simple bottle of sparkling water. After first disassembling the board’s components, immerse it in a basin filled with this liquid. Leave it for at least three hours before removing it from the container. Then use a toothbrush to brush the outlines of these little jacks and inaccessible parts. Then rinse it off and see the result!

It may sound tricky, but with the right ingredients, cleaning stove knobs will be child’s play. You just have to test these simple and practical tips to be sure

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