When should a car engine oil be changed? costly error

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Over time, your car’s engine oil degrades: it becomes less efficient at its lubricating job. Therefore, changing the oil will remove the used oil from the engine by replacing it with a new, clean one. Operation must take into account the characteristics of your car.

When should engine oil be changed? Can you change the engine oil yourself? Are there other reasons for the performance of the exchange? Many questions that we will try to answer in this article.

How often should the oil be changed?

In fact, various factors play a role in determining how often you should change your engine oil:

  • The way you drive
  • Your engine life
  • your residence location.

Some mechanics recommend to change I’oil engine every 5000 km. In addition, car manufacturers suggest 8000 km interval, for example. Finally, if you use a special synthetic oil, you probably can Travel 15,000 km between each oil change.

Change oil

Change oil. Source: spm

Do you empty yourself?

Although vacuuming has made this process easier, opt instead for the intervention of a professional. If performed as part of a maintenance contract, you retain the manufacturer’s warranty and Extension At the same time, age from the engine from your car.

The oil is changed by a specialist

The oil is changed by a specialist. Source: spm

Why drain?

Mechanics will tell you that motor oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle. long wait In order to perform an oil change, it may cause irreparable damage to your vehicle. Find out why a regular oil change is important below.

  • Improve engine performance

Fresh oil allows the engine to achieve maximum performance. This is because motors are made up of different parts that move at a high speed. These moving parts tend to cause friction. By emptying your vehicle regularly, it will be properly lubricated.

In addition to, An oil change removes dirt and debris that slows the engine down. Finally, if your car’s engine overheats due to the oil being used, it will corrode and therefore will not function properly.

  • Reduce harmful emissions

Do you want to help protect the environment? Well, by doing oil changes regularly, you are doing something for the planet! whether You change your oil OftenYour car will be more environmentally friendly Because new oil is not as polluted as used oil.

  • Reduce fuel consumption

Did you know that changing the oil regularly is also good for your wallet? In fact, improving fuel consumption is one of the benefits of an oil change. Friction from old oil can slow down your engine, which will get you to the gas station more regularly. Remember to keep your engine well lubricated!

  • Longer engine life

If you buy yourself a high-performance car, you need to remember to change the engine oil regularly! In fact, Debris and dirt free motors, It lasts on time. By adopting this reflex, your car will be able to resist more than you ever imagined!

  • Make sure your car is in good condition

An oil change is a good opportunity to check that your car is in good health! While changing the oil, ask the mechanic to look at the general condition of your engine. He will be able to guarantee that there is no part It must be replaced or repaired. This way you can avoid costly repairs.

Mechanical engine oil change

Mechanical engine oil change. Source: spm

Finally and most importantly, you should always remember to change your engine oil in order to drive in peace and clarity.

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