What is the piece of cloth that accompanies the new used clothes? No, not to fix holes

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This is the purpose of this piece of cloth in the clothes you buy.

What piece of cloth is used in the new clothes purchased?

A piece of denim

Denim patch – Source: spm

Many things around us have different functions than we initially think. Thus, the piece of fabric that accompanies a new garment you buy, which is of the same material as the garment, is often found inside the garment or in a pocket.

Many people do not know what a square piece of cloth is often, or they think that it should be used in a completely different way. A common misconception is that the cloth is there so you can repair holes in the garment without having to use another type of fabric. Obviously you can use the cloth for this as well if you need to, but that’s not the real job.

The reason you get this piece of cloth is completely different. In fact, you should be able to check how the clothes are washed in the washing machine. Before washing the whole garment, you can wash the cloth and see if the fabric shrinks, so you know how to wash the whole garment. You may also notice if it will fade and lose color, after which you may want to choose to wash the garment without the other fabrics you are afraid to bleed.

So it is a very simple test to perform and it will save you some inconvenience. Immerse it in a bowl of soapy water, and leave it for 20 minutes. Once this time has elapsed, it must be rubbed and dried. After this step, the color that the water acquires allows you to check whether this type of washing is suitable for it. In any case, if you are still in doubt, it is better to let it dry and compare the cloth to the original garment.

Some tricks to prevent clothes from shrinking

Check out the stickers

Read the clothing label

Read the clothing label – Source: spm

Some garments require special care, so it is important to read the labels before washing them. You may be wondering why clothes shrink in the dryer, especially cotton ones. However, polyester and rayon garments can shrink as well. Pay attention to the fibers of the clothing.

Dry your clothes outside

Clothes shrinkage can also be caused by the washing machine overheating. When clothes are dried in the open air, the fibers receive less pressure. It is advisable to dry the clothes horizontally on a flat surface; Because by hanging them, they can stretch. Lay your wet clothes on a towel to remove excess water.

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