This is the reason why you should not charge the phone in the car anymore. It’s a bad habit

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Why is it wrong to charge your smartphone in the car?

For the majority of people, when the battery starts to run out, you panic on the plane! We are then happy to consider putting the charger back in to immediately connect our laptop to the car’s USB port. At first glance, it usually looks completely normal. It is very practical. After all, why not take advantage of it? However, specialists have another opinion on the question. Unless you’re in a terrible emergency, charging a cell phone battery while driving can be a big mistake.

First of all, know that your car’s USB port provides less electricity than it takes to charge your smartphone. As a result, when charging the battery, your device may freeze or even not charge at all. Many people have already noticed that the battery level increases quite a bit. Simply because their mobile phone uses more power than a car charger can provide.

be careful : Experts also advise users not to charge their smartphones through the cigarette lighter, because the adapter uses 12 volts, while mobile phones generally use 5 volts. So the lag is too big and can damage your device.

Charging the phone in the car

Charging the phone in the car – Source: spm

Other risks to consider

If the adapter is not working well or if it is not made by the car manufacturer, it may send too much power to the cell phone which may be damaged. Most of the time, you don’t immediately realize if there is damage. But be aware that it is the battery that is affected first: Longevity may be affected by timeTechnical expert said.

Also keep in mind that charging your device with non-original cables (which automatically means the car is also blacklisted) can seriously damage the battery.

Not to mention that charging a mobile phone in a car can also degrade the USB port or damage the device’s motherboard. As the specialist explains: In the worst case, it can damage the charging port of the smartphone or the motherboard itself, which is a very expensive part. A good rule of thumb: Always use only the official phone manufacturer’s charger to ensure the best quality and proper power regulation “.

Finally, when you are on the road and have no choice but to recharge your mobile phone, know that you are also consuming the car battery itself. Admittedly, this isn’t a big deal for newer models, but if you own an older car, it’s best to proceed with extra caution to avoid potential malfunctions.

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