The trick to identifying high-quality cheese: just check out these details

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A note for cheese lovers who do not hesitate to eat large portions! So that it meets all your expectations, here are some pointers that will help you identify good cheese.

How do you know the quality of cheese?

It is no secret that France is famous for its gastronomy as well as for the variety of its cheeses. However, they differ significantly from each other. In fact, each cheese available in different textures can be recognized by its particular taste. this is the last It varies according to the type of milk used and the period of maturity. In spite of everything, it happens that you find yourself in front of a cheese kiosk and get lost in your choice. Fear is justified, because you are afraid to be disappointed from the point of view of taste.

cheese plate

cheese plate. Source: spm

Choosing cheese is not an easy task, especially if you are not used to discovering new flavors. To make the right decision and be sure to choose high-quality cheese, it would be wise to rely on the following criteria.

Pay attention to how cheese is made

Each cheese is made in a different way and it is this uniqueness that ultimately gives the taste and quality of this product. Therefore, it is recommended to choose hand-made cheese. This is in general Delicious because it is prepared from raw milk and made by artisan cheese makers. Undoubtedly guarantee of quality and originality. This is not the case with dairy cheeses, as they are generally mechanically produced. The manufacturing method affects the taste of the cheese, which eventually fades and loses its flavour. If you are always looking for flavors, then it is not recommended to choose industrial cheese. Made from pasteurized milk, the latter contains many additives that tend to diminish its unique taste. A product with a smooth and flat end, it will not give you any pleasure in tasting.

Choose seasonal cheese

Each season has its own cheese(s). So these are details to consider before buying. Seasonal cheeses are generally considered tastier and tastier because they are fresh. For spring, feel free to prefer goat cheese because during this season its milk is the most fragrant and this is what gives it this special taste.

Additionally, during the summer period, consider eating cheeses with a flowery crust, such as Saint-Nectaire or Camembert. It is during this season that they acquire the most flavour. In the fall, opt instead for blue-veined and soft cheeses, such as Roquefort or Brie. In conclusion, choose soft cheese. The latter is famous for its delicate, sweet and comforting taste.

Goat cheese

Goat cheese. Source: spm

Learn the origin of cheese

The quality of the cheese also depends on its source. By getting to know them, you can get an overview of the different stages of their production and get an idea of ​​their taste. Some cheeses are named after the city in which they were made, such as Coulommiers, Maroilles or Saint-Marcellin.

This is why they have a PDO, in other words, a protected protected designation. this is The mark of quality that we recognize thanks to its yellow and red logo, makes it possible to certify that all these cheeses have followed a strict manufacturing processThey meet specific conditions aimed at ensuring their origin as well as their tastes.

Now you know what to expect when choosing your cheese. If doubts persist, you can always seek the advice of cheesemakers who will not fail to suggest a taste of the product in question.

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