Starting Tuesday, September 27, tough trials will turn the lives of these three zodiac signs upside down.

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Mercury has been in retrograde since September 9. This stellar phenomenon, which lasted until October 3, indicates a period of stagnation or even regression. For some signs of the zodiac, this is a very difficult time that will be filled with doubts and questions. In order to start the winter season under the best care, they will have to take a step back and evaluate their projects and relationships.

What zodiac signs should expect a complex period of September 26?

As of September 27, the stars won’t make life easy for three zodiac signs in particular. They will have to persevere in order to face this difficult period without overburdening themselves.


Pregnancy complicated


As of September 27, this fire sign will experience troublesome situations. Aries are known for teamwork, they have to be patient and get along with others. With the hindsight of Mercury, You are likely to experience a certain number of rejections that will slow down projects in progress. The client may be very demanding or a manager who is difficult to persuade. He will then try to outdo himself to find quick solutions but will not necessarily get the expected results. Thanks to the positive energies of the new moon, Aries will not give up and will take time to reflect on their relationships with others. He will therefore take initiatives to ease tensions, both in his personal and professional life. If he could take advantage of this favorable situation, his efforts would pay off.


The Gemini period is complicated

Twins. Source: spm

As of September 27, Gemini may experience complications of all kinds. At work, evil people can put a speaker in his wheels and slow his progress. Faced with such an unfortunate situation, this Air sign will take care of every little, questionable detail. He then overreacts most of the time, which will reveal a irritable and angry personality trait. He will then have to be careful not to let his negative thoughts take over. He can count on Jupiter’s retrograde in Aries to make this happen smoothly. The goal above all is to take advantage of this situation to take a break and take care of yourself in order to relearn how to control your emotions.


complex arc period

Sagittarius. Source: spm

September has already started badly for this fire sign with disappointments, unexpected events and twists. In the last week of September, Sagittarius will make great efforts to recover. However, it risks getting scattered and lost in the list of actions and projects to be undertaken in the short term. If he does not take enough time to define all his goals, he risks experiencing many disappointments. From the first sign of failure, it will be difficult for this astrological sign to move forward calmly, which can create frustration and disappoint his professional entourage. Fortunately, Jupiter, reinforcing his optimism, will help him learn from past experiences to bounce back better later. He will then have to put his priorities down on paper in order to put them in place in a systematic manner.

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