Plumbers’ trick to remove unpleasant odors from pipes

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To fix this problem, you need to find its source. Even if your bathroom is well cleaned, the smell will likely still linger. It can be your pipes and plumbing. Find out how to solve this problem with this tip that plumbers thought of.

How do you get rid of unpleasant odors in drains?

smelly bathroom

Smelly bathroom – Source: spm

There are several causes of unpleasant odors in the bathroom or in the kitchen. Over time, your tubes accumulate a lot of waste that decomposes and develops many bacteria. Then they are released Unpleasant odors That continues and bothers you on a daily basis. This is a fairly common problem if you don’t maintain your drains. To eliminate these unpleasant odors in traps and other pipes, you can use this simple trick.

  • Use white vinegar and baking soda to remove bad odors

white vinegar

White vinegar – Source: spm

This home remedy will allow you to defeat the bacteria in straws and tubes. They are natural, eco-friendly, eco-friendly and non-toxic to humans. This will protect you from the use of chemicals that are harmful to your health. For degreasing, descaling, unpleasant odors and deeply deodorizing pipes, use these ingredients:

  • 200 ml white vinegar
  • 100 gm baking soda
  • ½ liter hot water

When you have collected all of these ingredients, mix the water with the white vinegar and stir well. Pour the baking soda directly into the bathtub or bathroom sink, then pour in the hot water and vinegar mixture. This mixture will cause a sparkling reaction that will remove all dirt and free the drain. Then let it sit overnight.

You can also use this recipe To eliminate bad odors From your toilet, add the juice and peel of 3 lemons. Boil lemon peel in water, add juice and vinegar, then mix everything. Pour the baking soda into the toilet and the hot water with the vinegar and lemon mixture. Leave it to act for a few hours and then flush the toilet. This solution should kill bacteria in your pipes and neutralize bad odors, while leaving your bathrooms smelling good and fresh.

Why does your bathroom drain smell bad?

Bad smell in the bathroom

Bad smell in the bathroom – Source: spm

There are several reasons that could explain the unpleasant odors that come from your pipes and settle in your bathroom.

  • The siphon does not work properly and leads to unpleasant odors

Traps are located in both house pipes, which you can find are U-shaped. They contain water that drains through your sinks and toilets. As a barrier against waste odors and the spread of bacteria. If left unused, it can dry out and let bad odors seep into your bathroom. To avoid this unpleasant smell, the siphon must be thoroughly cleaned.

How to clean the siphon to avoid unpleasant odors in your bathroom?

You can clean the siphon by detaching it and emptying it. You will find a lot of sediment inside the siphon that causes unpleasant odors in your bathroom or kitchen. this is The solution is effective But then, you should succeed in putting everything back into place under the sink.

To get rid of unpleasant odors in the pipes, you can also use ground coffee. Eliminates pipe blockages and deodorizes naturally.

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